Research Bootcamp (Ancient Greece)

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  • The Research Continuum
    This is the research process we follow at New Canaan High School.
    The Research Continuum
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  • Essential Questions
    For this lesson
    Essential Questions
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  • Resources To Use
    Articles Topic, History in Context, What is" currently" newsworthy about this topic? Aeschylus Aetolian Campaign Age of Pericles Aristotle, his view of democracy Aristotle’ s,“ The Poetics” Battle of Delium Battle of Gaugamela Battle of Marathon Battle of Salamis Battle of Thermopylae...
    Resources To Use
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  • MLA 8 Help Page
    includes playlist of videos
    MLA 8 Help Page
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    Exit Ticket
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  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
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