Is Geography Destiny?

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    You will follow along and answer questions as we go.
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    How this thing works
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  • Assignment
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  • Countries
    These are the countries we are studying.
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  • Spreadsheets/Templates
    Click on your teacher's name to access the spreadsheet, then locate the tab for your class within it.
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  • Creating Graph
    Follow these instructions
    Creating Graph
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  • Websites
    Use these websites only!
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  • Using Control/Command + "F" Key
    The fastest way to search for your information
    Using Control/Command + "F" Key
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  • Searching A Web Page
    When you use the "F" (Find) command your search results are highlighted on the page.
    Searching A Web Page
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  • Citing Sources
    Please use these model citations as templates, then change the information to align it with the articles you cited. Click on the image to access the Google Doc.
    Citing Sources
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  • Got Questions?
    Text The Library
    Got Questions?
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  • Slideshow
    Click on image below to access the lesson the librarians gave in class.
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