Refugee Crisis Op-Ed

  • Assignment Outline
    Here are the op-ed expectations and the work schedule.
    Assignment Outline
    STEP : article

  • Stations
    Here are the resources for each station exercise and the list of supplemental sources
    STEP : article

  • Research Question Template
    Use this template to develop your research question.
    Research Question Template
    STEP : article

  • Keywords
    Here are some of your texts with potential keywords for researching highlighted.
    STEP : article

  • Do WE Have A Database For YOU!
    Global Issues in Context
    Do WE Have A Database For YOU!
    STEP : html

  • Cite Your Sources!
    Just in case you haven't set up your EasyBib account for 2016-1017
    Cite Your Sources!
    STEP : html

  • Got Questions?
    Text the Library!
    Got Questions?
    STEP : html

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