Carnegie Trial

  • Research Model
    This is the NCHS Research Model
    Research Model
    STEP : article

  • Your Assignment
    Click on your teacher's name to access your assignment
    Your Assignment
    STEP : html

  • EBSCO Discover Service (EDS) And More
    This is the updated EDS lesson. It features new access instructions since we integrated OpenAthens, which allows Single Sign On (SSO) with Google Suite. The ...
    EBSCO Discover Service (EDS) And More
    STEP : video

  • Citing Sources
    We are building bibliographies from scratch
    Citing Sources
    STEP : html

  • MLA 8
    Not too fancy - just a basic explanation of the elements. More resources here:
    MLA 8
    STEP : video

  • Gale Google Integration
    Students can highlight and take notes from their text directly in Gale products, then send them directly to Google Drive. Very cool.
    Gale Google Integration
    STEP : video

  • Databases
    Great resources for understanding the Gilded Age!
    STEP : html

  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
    STEP : html

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