Junior Research Paper English 2016

  • Your Assignment
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    Your Assignment
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  • 2015-2016 NCHS Research Continuum
    Research Process
    2015-2016 NCHS Research Continuum
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  • Question Formulation Technique (QFT)
    Lesson on moving from topics to questions
    Question Formulation Technique (QFT)
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  • Questions & Keywords
    Are there limitations associated with having a Green Card? Can the use of social media, such as Facebook, lower teens’ self-esteem? Are there instances where these sites can help to raise teens’ self-esteem? Do all social classes protest? Do differences in social classes affect the data? Do peopl...
    Questions & Keywords
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  • Database Lesson
    This is the slide show of the lesson we did in class.
    Database Lesson
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  • Research Reflections
    Use this template for your notes.
    Research Reflections
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  • Research Question Template
    Question Generator My Question: Teacher Feedback: Which one? Collect information to make an informed choice. EX: Which Twentieth Century president did the most to promote civil rights? How? Understand problems and perspectives, weigh options, and propose solutions. EX: How s...
    Research Question Template
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  • Lesson (AMSTUD, Phee)
    Research process; Coupon Code for EasyBib; Databases; Keywords;
    Lesson (AMSTUD, Phee)
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  • Citing Sources
    No more EasyBib
    Citing Sources
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  • Lesson 1 Video
    Research process Coupon Code for EasyBib Databases & Keywords Other ideas Google smarts!
    Lesson 1 Video
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  • Embedded References
    This lesson will help learners know when to provide author attribution in the narrative or simply to cite parenthetically.
    Embedded References
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  • Gale Google Integration
    Students can highlight and take notes from their text directly in Gale products, then send them directly to Google Drive. Very cool.
    Gale Google Integration
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  • Other Useful Tutorials
    Click on titles to acccess
    Other Useful Tutorials
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  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
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