Jr. Research Paper Soc Stud 2016

  • Your Assignment
    Link to that packet your teacher gave you.
    Your Assignment
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  • Primary Sources
    Try these resources!
    Primary Sources
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  • Lesson: Debrief From First Semester
    Click on image below to open slide show.
    Lesson: Debrief From First Semester
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  • Your Topic & Question (Google Form)
    and research question
    Your Topic & Question (Google Form)
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  • Citing Sources
    We are dropping EasyBib because it is not creating accurate MLA 8 citations. Instructions for building citations from scratch follow.
    Citing Sources
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  • MLA 8 Inforgraphic
    Use this guide to help you cite sources without a citation generator such as EasyBib or NoodleTools.
    MLA 8 Inforgraphic
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  • Note-taking
    This document should help you with note-taking
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  • Database Cheat Sheet
    In the exit ticket, about half of the respondents said we should go over databases, and the other half said we should not. Here is our compromise. Please note: there is a citation example for each source.
    Database Cheat Sheet
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  • Gale Google Integration
    Students can highlight and take notes from their text directly in Gale products, then send them directly to Google Drive. Very cool.
    Gale Google Integration
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  • Lesson: Databases
    I know we went over this first semester, and that this is your least favorite lesson, but the resources you will use this semester are different than those from first semester.
    Lesson: Databases
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  • Why Visiting "About Us" Is Critical
    This tutorial compares two immigration websites - both claim to be free of partisan affiliation, both claim to be of value to policy makers and the media. Bo...
    Why Visiting "About Us" Is Critical
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  • Lesson: Be S.M.A.R.T.
    Don't be fooled by reference resources (Wonder phase) that seem good, but lack depth. Seek depth!
    Lesson: Be S.M.A.R.T.
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  • Lesson: Embedded References
    It isn't just about what to write in parentheses!
    Lesson: Embedded References
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  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
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