• Assignment
    Use this step to access your teacher's assignment
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  • NCHS Research Model
    This guides you through the research process.
    NCHS Research Model
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  • Who's Who In The Enlightenment
    This is the list of philosophes
    Who's Who In The Enlightenment
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  • Accessing Databases
    Sign in to your school @ncps-k12.org Google Suite profile first! While there are several databases that will help you, the easiest way to access articles AND databases is through the search widget on the library home page.
    Accessing Databases
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  • Accessing Individual Databases
    From the search results landing page, find the database list on the right.
    Accessing Individual Databases
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  • Print Books
    We pulled a cart of books for you.
    Print Books
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  • Finding EBooks
    While you can search destiny for books in print and electronic formats using Destiny Discover, our library catalog, the print books were already pulled. Therefore, we created a group of eBooks just for this assignemnt and they can be accessed in Mackin, our eBook portal.
    Finding EBooks
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  • Citing Sources
    No more online citation generators. Please use the MLA 8 help page.
    Citing Sources
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  • The Research Process - Hume
    Lesson on how to move through the research process for the Enlightenment Project.
    The Research Process - Hume
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  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
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