Canadian Natural Resources

  • BC Archives Time Machine
    With your iPad partner, read the introduction page "British Columbia's Resource Development". Together, make a list of B.C.'s natural resources on the paper provided. Use the graphic organizer below your list to divide the resources into 2 groups. Give each group a heading/title.
    BC Archives Time Machine
    STEP : article

  • Class Consensus
    Follow the instructions below
    Class Consensus
    STEP : html

  • Physical Map Of Canada
    Study the physical map of Canada. With your partner and the chart provided, determine which parts of Canada might have the same natural resources as B.C. Write down why you think the area would have the same natural resources.
    Physical Map Of Canada
    STEP : article

  • Using An Atlas
    Follow the directions below:
    Using An Atlas
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  • Wood You Believe We Get So Much From Trees?
    Use the table provided to list 4 ways forestry products are used at school and 4 ways forestry products are used at home. The lists must be different. Read the article attached to this step. Which wood product surprised you? From what did you think it was made?
    Wood You Believe We Get So Much From Trees?
    STEP : article

  • Salmon, Start To Finish
    Place the pictures in correct order. Picture 'A' is the last picture in the series and picture 'B' is the first picture in the series. You will need to click on the the PDF file at the bottom of the screen called "FISH SORT".
    Salmon, Start To Finish
    STEP : article

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