kit out offices stationery cupboard

How To Effectively Kit Out Your Office’s Stationery Cupboard

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If it is your job to kit out your office’s stationery cupboard you may appreciate a few tips. Knowing what to kit the cupboard out with and how isn’t an easy task. It consists of a lot more than simply ordering the right amount of pens.

Don’t worry, below, you can find some tips that can help.

Consider What Stationery Your Office Needs

Think about what stationery your office needs. You may need pens, photocopier paper, mailing envelopes, paper clips, staplers and staples, and more.

Consider what everyone uses on a day-to-day basis. Order these items first. Then work out what people use less often.

When you know what stationery items people use, you can order the right products.

Have More Than You Need

Let’s imagine your office uses 5 reams of paper a week. You may be tempted to order just 5 reams of paper, but this could be a mistake. There may be a week or 2 where 7 reams of paper are used. Therefore, it makes sense for you to order 7-8 reams each week. Having more than you need in stock can help to prevent shortages. You can always reduce the amount of photocopier paper ordered if you have too many reams in stock.

Keep The Stationery Cupboard Organized

One of the best things you can do is to keep the stationery cupboard organized. Do this by keeping stationery in:

• Boxes of different sizes
• Magazine holders
• Jars that you can see through
• Other containers that you already have in stock

The easier it is for people to find what they need the better. No one wants to go searching through everything in a bid to find what they want.

Label Everything

Label everything so people can clearly see what’s in a box or magazine holder. Try to make it obvious where things are. When you do, people can quickly find what they need.

Check The Inventory Weekly

A very good way to keep your stationery cupboard organized is by checking the inventory.

Check the inventory every week so you know what is and isn’t in stock. You may not need to have 100 pens delivered every week, so make sure you know what you have.

Adjust the orders as and is required so the stationery cupboard does not become cluttered. At the same time, you should make sure that there are plenty of staplers, for example, for everyone.

Ask People What They Need

Ask those you work with what stationery they need. They may find it useful to have:

• A hole punch
• A pen holder
• Some erasers
• Different colored pens

Find out what would be useful to everyone and order those items in stock. When people have the stationery they need they’re more likely to complete their tasks on time.

Kitting out your office’s stationery cupboard is not always easy. However, the above tips can help you to kit it out well so it’s stocked with everything that’s needed.