keep up with an imprisoned friend

How to Keep Up With an Imprisoned Friend

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If a loved one has been sent to prison, it can not only be emotionally difficult, but it can also be difficult to stay in contact with them.

Although you may not have the ability to visit often, there are ways to still keep up with your imprisoned friend. Through various ways, you can continue to show your support for them and maintain your friendship. Read on to learn how to keep up with your imprisoned friend.

Scheduling Phone Calls and Video Chats

One way to make it easier to stay in touch is to schedule phone calls and video chats. This ensures that both parties have an allotted time to communicate. This can ensure that their day-to-day life can continue uninterrupted.

Of course, there are limitations on how often contact is allowed. Check with the facility to ensure the amount of communication is appropriate for the prison environment. It is important to remember to be patient as the prison staff processes all communication requests from prisoners.

To maximize the most of each scheduled call or video chat, try planning and having topics of conversation ready. This will help to make the most of the limited amount of time.

Lastly, never forget to let a loved one know that they are in your heart and that you care. This will help bridge any distance between loved ones due to incarceration.

Sending Care Packages and Letters

When a friend is imprisoned, figuring out how to keep in touch can be hard. Sending care packages and letters are often the best ways to maintain a connection.

Care packages are a great way to show your friend you are thinking about them. Be sure to check with the prison system for what is allowed. It might be anything from homemade cards to books or snacks.

Letters are also an important way to stay in touch. Letters can discuss anything; they should be filled with news from your life, conversations, and plans for the future.

Ask your friend how they’re feeling, tell them you’re here to listen, and always respond with love and compassion. Keeping in touch makes a big difference for someone going through a difficult time.

Maximizing Visitation Opportunities

Maximizing visitation opportunities is one way to keep up with an incarcerated friend. Ensure the inmate has all the necessary restrictions and requirements that must be met prior to visiting.

Request the prison’s guidelines for visiting so you can be prepared. Once they are established, begin scheduling visits.

During your visits, talk to your friend about their current situation and what plans they have for when they are released. Connecting regularly also helps them to stay focused and improves their morale.

Depending on the prison’s guidelines, you can also write letters or send an email or voice message. If you can’t visit in person, talk on the phone or send packages or pictures to lift their spirits. It’s important to remain supportive and to show compassion for their situation.

Research and Support Prison Programs

Researching the prison where your friend is being held to find out what programs they offer to inmates. You can also support prison programs like paying for educational classes or vocational training for inmates to help your friend gain skills.

Keeping up with your friend’s progress in these programs may require frequent visits to the prison and maintaining open, honest communication. Ask your friend what support they need from you to help them succeed.

Additionally, consider visiting prison reform advocacy groups in your community to help build a better society for your friend and other inmates. 

Avoiding Complicated Conversations and Sensitive Topics

It’s important to avoid complicated conversations or writing about sensitive topics. It can be difficult to fully understand the restrictions and hardships associated with the prison experience. Advocating on their behalf can be a difficult task, while hurtful remarks can trigger painful memories.

The best way to keep up with a friend in prison is by offering a listening ear and an open mind. It’s important to ask open-ended questions about their interests before their incarceration. Be patient with their responses.

Encourage them to stay positive and remind them you are still here to support them. Additionally, involving them in your daily life, as long as it is appropriate, can build a connection between you. Keeping up with an imprisoned friend requires patience, understanding, and care.

Assisting With Legal Assistance

One way to help someone during their incarceration is to assist them with legal assistance. Start by researching the potential legal resources available to help them navigate their case. Look into the possibility of hiring a lawyer to help build a positive case for your friend.

Be sure to talk to them regularly. Provide them with updates on their case to show your support. Also, try to stay in contact with other family members and friends to stay well-informed on the situation.

In case you need help in looking for an inmate, there are websites online where you can do an inmate search quickly.

Assisting with legal aid or providing emotional and moral support can go a long way towards helping your imprisoned friend make it through their incarceration. 

Keeping Up With an Imprisoned Friend

Overall, staying connected with an imprisoned friend or loved one is courageous. The key to maintaining a meaningful relationship is open communication, sending mail, and visiting (if possible).

It is also essential to remain positive and supportive during this difficult time. Together we can provide tangible support, understanding, empathy, and encouragement to our friends during their difficult times.

Contact your city jail representative today to learn more about how you can stay connected and support your loved one in prison.

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