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5 Surprising Jobs That Involve Travel

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If you spend your time counting down the days to your next vacation, then you’re certainly not alone. For people who love to travel, spending months tied down by work can seem like a never-ending challenge. By choosing the right career, however, you could combine your vocation with your wanderlust and spend your time traveling the world.

People often assume that you need to work in the travel and tourism sector in order to secure a job that involves international travel, but this simply isn’t the case. There are a wide variety of professions that enable you to travel to far-flung locations on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these careers that can offer impressive travel opportunities and get ready to pack your bags:

1. Sales

If you’ve got the ability to sell products and services, your skills will be in high demand all over the world. Companies rely on salespeople to generate profits, so you’re integral to the success of any enterprise. While you might begin your career on the shop floor or behind a desk, there are increasing travel opportunities as you climb the corporate ladder.

By choosing to work for a global company, for example, you can regularly travel all over the world to meet with prospective clients. As a Sales Manager or Sales Director, you might even spend more time traveling than you do in the office!

2. Medicine

Medicine may not sound like an obvious career choice if you want to travel regularly but you’d be surprised at the number of opportunities in the profession. If you work in medical research or biotech, for example, you can travel all over the world as part of your role.

Joining new projects, collaborating with international colleagues, and developing new medical devices on secondment are all part and parcel of these career paths.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to deliver patient care too. As a qualified nurse, for example, you can gain employment virtually anywhere in the world or choose to travel as part of an established program, like Doctors Without Borders.

If you do want to travel as part of your medical career, it can be a good idea to enhance your qualifications as much as possible. You’re likely to gain more travel opportunities as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) than as a Registered Nurse or Certified Nurse Assistant. To learn more about qualifying as an FNP, check out this blog post now.

3. Photography

If you’re a talented photographer, your job will inevitably involve a good degree of travel. Whether you’re shooting in studios all over the world or on location, you can enjoy trips to exotic destinations, major cities, and rural idylls.

While travel photographers do, of course, get the most opportunities to spread their wings, you can incorporate travel into other specialisms too. As a wedding photographer, for example, you’ll be required to travel to take shots of happy couples tying the knot.

Alternatively, as a fashion or editorial photographer, you’ll need to travel regularly in order to co-ordinate shoots.

4. Teaching

As a teacher, you don’t have to be stuck in a classroom in your local neighborhood. Instead, you can choose to teach in locations all over the world. Academics routinely travel to top universities to teach specific modules and courses, for example.

If you want to enjoy six to 10 weeks in a location before jetting off somewhere new, this is the perfect way to do it!

Alternatively, you can hone your professional skills by teaching English virtually anywhere in the world. There is a near-constant demand for English lessons, particularly lessons from native English speakers. If you want to travel to Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, your role as a teacher will make it easy for you to find work in any destination.

5. Import and Export

Unsurprisingly, working in the import and export industry gives you a great opportunity to travel. Your entire profession is devoted to the international transportation of goods, which means you can opt for positions that involve traveling to meet clients, suppliers, and business partners on a regular basis.

What’s more – globalization has ensured that imports and exports occur in almost every country, so the destinations you’ll reach are limitless.

Make Travel a Priority

If you’re an adventurer at heart, you’ll want to ensure travel is one of your top priorities when you’re looking for new job opportunities or choosing a career path. By factoring your wanderlust into your professional plans, you can ensure that your future will involve traveling the world and visiting the places you’ve always dreamed of.

Of course, there are things you can do to increase your employability and secure travel opportunities when they become available, such as:

• Learning a second (or third) language
• Applying for secondments
• Understanding global issues affecting your sector
• Widening your professional network
• Taking on more responsibility

In addition to this, make sure your employer is aware that you want to travel. Many people actually dislike traveling for work purposes, so your managers may not realize that you’d be happy to embark on overseas trips.

By actively seeking out work-related travel opportunities, you can ensure you’re at the top of the list when the chance to travel becomes available.

Be Part of the Global Workforce

If you’ve already established a career in a sector that doesn’t offer many travel opportunities, there’s no need to panic. The trend towards remote working and the rise of the global workforce could give you the opportunity to work from any location.

If so, you can continue to build your career while traveling the world and seeing spectacular sights. Alternatively, using your professional experience and expertise to work as a consultant could give you the freedom and flexibility to travel the world.

With so many opportunities to travel, your career no longer has to restrict your plans to see the world. By incorporating travel into your professional plans, you can build a successful career while traveling from one fabulous destination to the next.