interesting facts about hemp derived products

Interesting Facts About Hemp-Derived Products That You Didn’t Know

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You can’t always rely on pharmaceutical medicines. Studies have shown that many conventional drugs are a massive risk to people’s health. Continued use of things like paracetamol and ibuprofen can cause massive issues; there is a much better alternative to these things, however, it’s just that it is stigmatised due to its close connection to marijuana. 

Hemp has shown time and time again to be a reliable and promising treatment due to its high CBD (Cannabidiol) content. If you are interested in incorporating hemp-derived products into your diet and lifestyle, this post has some interesting facts you need to know:

Alternative Cannabinoids

A lot of users of marijuana are aware of two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. While these chemicals are indeed the most powerful ones found in the plant there are many others worth talking about too. Many of these cannabinoids are actually legal in states with strict drug laws even though the marijuana plant itself isn’t.

For example, delta 10 in Texas is technically legal while the recreational use of marijuana is not. Why are these cannabinoids legal you might ask? The answer is that they can be extracted from hemp as well and hemp is legal!

Just as many cannabinoids can be extracted from industrial hemp as they can from marijuana. The reason hemp is legal is that unless you extract cannabinoids from it in a laboratory there is no way that you can get high from it. It is almost completely non-psychoactive.

Some people report experiencing highs from it but these cases are minimal. If you are somebody who is interested in using hemp for health purposes then it is worth exploring the many different cannabinoids present in the plant as you may be able to use extractions of them.

Massive Health Benefits

The health benefits of hemp cannot be understated;  as a healthcare treatment, the plant consistently shows immense promise. More people than ever are using it for things like anxiety, certain cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

While the jury is still out on the drug’s efficacy as a total treatment meaning a treatment used without any other drugs it can definitely help people work through their problems as long as they eat a balanced diet and cut unhealthy habits out of their lives. Some doctors recommend taking it in combination with pharmaceutical drugs and treatments also.

Before you should use the plant to treat your health problems conduct a little bit of research into its healing properties. Until you are confident that it can treat your personal issues do not buy it. While hemp is widely available it can also be very expensive.

Individuals with health issues not treatable by the plant will only waste their money buying it. You can save money by buying products in bulk. Remember: You can only buy extractions as using the hemp plant on its own will likely yield no benefits. Hemp extractions are concentrated and therefore much more powerful than pure flowers.

Widespread Legality

Hemp is widely available and legal in most states and countries, even in ones with draconian drug laws. As the hemp plant can only be made psychoactive by taking extractions in laboratories it does not pose a threat to the general public and as such, there is no reason to criminalise it; if you are interested in buying the plant or using extractions from it you must ensure it is legal in the place that you live. Just because it is legal in most places, that does not mean it’ll be legal where you live.

Buying anything illegally can get you into trouble, especially marijuana-related products. Hemp looks almost identical to marijuana so people tend to assume it is the same thing. Bear in mind that buying pure hemp flower could result in it being seized.

If the police catch you with it and think that it is marijuana they will probably take it away from you and arrest you depending on your state or country’s drug laws; as such you must conduct extensive research and double-check that you can legally buy and possess the plant in your country or state of origin.

Clothing Applications

Hemp is not just a product that can be used to treat health problems; it can also be used to manufacture clothing. For years sustainability experts have been advocating for the use of hemp. It is not hard to see why when you consider the fact that the plant is a lot easier and more sustainable to grow than materials like cotton.

As a clothing material, it also holds a lot of promise as it helps retain body heat. Hemp clothing is usually very affordable although some manufacturers who sell it have started marking up prices and demanding more than they perhaps should due to demand for the material.

If you are planning on buying hemp clothing then try to buy organic hemp. Organic hemp is grown without synthetic fertilisers and chemicals. Studies indicate that exposure to the chemicals found in plants grown using synthetic chemicals can be harmful to people’s health.

While wearing a T-shirt made from hemp grown in chemical-rich soil is not going to hurt you, buying such products is supporting unsustainable growing methods. It is your responsibility to individually combat unsustainable growing practices as they are causing massive harm to the environment and the natural world.

Other Hemp Uses

Hemp is not just used for clothes and health products; it can also be used to manufacture other things as well. If you are somebody who’s interested in the industrial applications of hemp then it is a good idea to spend time researching the plant and learning about all of the different ways that you can incorporate it into your life.

Taking time to learn how to make use of the plant will help you to do your part for the environment and reduce your usage and consumption of unsustainable and harmful materials. Again make sure that you only ever use organic hemp products. Retailers will openly advertise the organic status of their products as it is a good selling point. If the ones you are interested in buying have no reference to their status as being organic then they are likely not.

Hemp is a product that you can use for a multitude of different things. Incorporating it into your life is the best way to do your part for the environment; you can also use it to improve your health as well. If you plan on using it for health reasons then make sure you find organic products, sustainably grown and sold for reasonable prices.