improve your football skills

10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Football Skills

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Football is one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world. Thousands of people are playing this game, particularly those at a young age. Every player aspires to become a better footballer.

Players strive to gain professional skills and gameplay to make the competition immense. What makes the world of sports beautiful is that there is always room to improve. No matter how skillful a person may already be, football is not an exception. 

Ways to Improve Your Skills in Football Better 

How do you become a better football player? For most professional footballers, the pre-season is a perfect time to prepare themselves for the regular season begins. They make the most of this time to elevate and become better players. 

1. Consistent Practice 

Not so many people who play football understand the importance of consistent practice. Like when practicing on-field, it is just important to practice on the off-field. 

Going to the soccer field and practicing 2-3 times a week is a good sign. But consistent practice to enhance your moves is necessary to see the best results.    

2. Show Determination 

Practicing with consistency goes hand in hand with determination. You must work to allocate 30-40 minutes daily to improve your skills and reveal the difference. Show determination to prepare for your scheduled practice and do what it takes to play better. 

If you reside in an area with a nearby football field, go out and strut your soccer drills.

Playing this kind of game is not about its practical aspects. You must also learn the exact techniques to live and breathe with the game you love. Show your determination to watch videos about football also.

3. Dribble with Cones

Football dribbling involves precise ball movement. Maintaining exact control of the ball to its pace and direction is crucial. If you keep the ball closer to your feet, the opposing player can’t easily take it from you. 

Proper dribbling is usually combining different skills, such as the following:

• Creativity
• Balance
• Touch and control
• Mock attacks
• Quick direction changes
• Under pressure reaction
• Awareness of other players

By mastering all of these abilities, it is easier to keep the ball close to your feet longer. Improving your soccer dribbling is easier by using cones or slalom poles. 

You can also practice your football intellect with Fantasy Premier League. It offers a virtual football game with players from the 2022-2023 Premier League as characters. Not only that, but they also offer articles and tips. Visit to learn more about football techniques, strategies, and skills.  

4. Improve Juggling

Discussing a football training skill that helps players control their touches pertains to improving juggling. It does not mean you will juggle the ball on the field. The training is about helping you control the soccer ball during the actual game.

In improving your juggling, manipulate the ball using the different ways below:

Juggle the ball without spinning
Do topspin or backspin
Do a side spin
Increase the number of kicks to the ball
Kick the ball between your feet before catching
Drop the ball, let it bounce, and kick it back up

5. Control the Ball 

Controlling the soccer ball sounds easy, but it might surprise you that many footballers lack this skill. They never spend time practicing and improving to control the ball. It is also best to perfect your ball control when practicing your dribbling ability. 

The different activities you perform on the field include controlling the ball and keeping your feet on it. It would help if you repeatedly practiced until your movement became accurate. In addition to that, learn the proper and exact ball distances.  

6. Improve Speed and Sharpness 

Becoming a good footballer means developing your speed and sharpness. These traits are necessary when you practice and play regularly. The concern is that many people who play this game need to improve their speed and agility.

A stronger upper and lower body structure is crucial to handle the challenges. Improving your turns faster and sharper will maintain your balance. But this takes a lot of practice using hurdles and ladders.   

Advantages of Using Speed Hurdles

Made with non-corrosive materials
Easily sit on the ground
Features unique design
Flexible and durable
Suitable for different weather conditions

Advantages of Using Speed Ladders

Easily lie on the ground
Foldable and handy
Allow precise foot placement (speed and power)
Available in cross or straight configurations

Getting the exact help and the right equipment can improve your game quickly. Please also consider the training fun and exciting activity.

7. Master Trapping Skills

If you wonder how to trap the ball in the air, it involves kicking it as high as possible. By mastering your trapping skills, you easily control the ball. The training also makes you a quick sprinter in boosting your fitness. 

Use the top of your foot to relax the ball on the ground as it descends. Ensure that it does not bounce away or higher off your feet. If you can master trapping the ball in the right position, keeping it closer to you is easier. 

Learning the trapping skills will make you a faster player also. 

8. Develop Accurate Passing 

In improving football skills, passing is one of the most crucial abilities. At any level of football games, accurate passing is essential. If you want to pass better, practice constantly to improve.

Some players invest in passing arcs to help them. You can have these metal frames also in your garden. Combine a few of your training arcs to make a good training zone for passing and controlling.  

If you want to develop your game, do not wait until other footballers become available. With a set of passing arcs, you can develop your passes accurately.

9. Practice Shooting 

Ball shooting practice always requires a target, whether the training is for 11-a-side or shorter football games. Use portable Samba goals if you want to become flexible in the actual field and training.   

These goals are durable, lightweight, easy to build, and resilient to direct sunlight. A Samba goal has nets, frame anchors, and clips, which makes it useful for indoor or outdoor games. 

With the addition of a target sheet, you will have better shooting skills because your equipment is complete. The sheet is attached to the goal’s frame and gives you target holes for shooting.

10. Set Achievable Goals 

Suppose you are sincere in becoming a successful football player; set your achievable goals. If you decide to join an academy, choose if you want to stay longer before a recruiting club invites you. Knowing how long you will stay in a place motivates you to work harder daily. 

This mindset ensures you are in the right direction. In achieving your goals, be attentive in setting realistic ones. Even if you start today, you still need an instant big-time opportunity.

Follow a realistic approach and think about reaching your goals.   

In Summary

Many things are contemplated before making you a recognized professional footballer. Most successful football players understand the value of having the right skillset. With the different easy steps to improve your football skills, you might dream about hearing your name at the World Cup. 

Every footballer is eager to deliver quality performances for the team and fans. Every football team also wants to coordinate its players to become victorious in every game.