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6 Ways To Improve Environmental Sustainability

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A single person-generated around 0.74 kilograms of waste in a single day. Not surprised?

An average American produces 102 tonnes of garbage in his lifetime. Still not enough? The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal waste every year. That is a huge amount of dump we are talking about. 95% of this waste is dumped in huge wastelands, the ones which can be used for providing shelter, instead of cutting trees. A big percentage of this waste is burned in various under-developed countries due to the non-availability of resources. This again degrades air quality giving rise to health issues.

You and I can talk about this for hours and blame everything on the administration for handling things poorly. But let’s be honest even when we are part of the problem.

That’s why it’s important that we as an individual do our bit to improve our environment.


By practicing sustainability. Most people think sustainability is hard and not effective at all. But in reality, it is quite easy. If you follow these 6 ways, it will bring change in the environment as well as to your pockets.

1. Use water wisely

If you have forgotten, only 1% of fresh water is available for us to consume. Even this small percentage is exhausted vigorously every day in bathrooms, swimming pools, bathtubs, factories, bad running taps, and more.

So, do your bit and use water very properly. Turn off the tap while brushing, skip using a bathtub, get your taps checked. If it leaks a lot or discharges a lot of water then install a water-flow meter by Aquamonix. It ensures the water runs down smoothly, safely, and cost-effectively.

2. Monitor household energy use

We might not notice it, but there’s a lot of energy wasted from your house besides physical trash. That can be electricity, gas, water, or a heater. If we take care of these few things, we all can contribute towards environmental sustainability and save some bucks too.

Turn off the lights and fans whenever you step out, turn off every appliance you are not using, dry clothes under the sun instead of a drying machine, purchase appliances that are energy efficient. You will be surprised to see how much you will save on your next bill if you start applying them now.

3. Purchase wisely

While going out shopping, make a list of things you really need and things that can do without for a few days. For instance, day-to-day requirements, such as butter, milk, fruits, vegetables cannot be compromised but do you really need a milk-frother or another set of boots, or a new bag?

Every product that you purchase has an environmental footprint, right from the production, manufacturing, and packaging, So, unless you really need it, do not purchase it.

4. Go plastic-free

Plastics are one of the most harmful products for the environment. They make up for a huge portion of the waste thrown at lands and seas (40%).

Every year, a lot of sea animals die due to the ingestion of small bits of plastic or by getting tangled with it. And above that, they take millions of years to decompose.

So, discard plastic in every possible way. Buy from brands that go for minimal packing or use a tote-bag or jute bag while going shopping.

5. Avoid using brands that test on animals

There are various skincare brands, medical and retail brands that test on animals. These brands are not at all cruel free and moreover, they profit from it.

Items that are made of leather, original fur are prime examples of such practices. So, whenever you find these brands, avoid using them and also make other people aware of them.

Using your voice matters a lot. You have no idea how many people you can influence by speaking up just once. So, keep informing your peers while coming across such practices.

6. Drive green

It is understandable that everyone cannot shift to electric cars, due to budgetary reasons but that doesn’t mean you cannot practice sustainability.

If you don’t travel much, then you can rent a bike for ¼ of what you spend on gas and do all your chores. This will not only help in environmental sustainability but will also get you more fit and healthy.

Over to you…

Now that you saw practicing sustainability isn’t that hard, it’s time to incorporate these as well. It will be comfortable at first but slowly you will get more habituated and satisfied with your contribution towards this earth we call our home.