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39 Inspiring “I Don’t Care Quotes”: Keep Calm and Stop Caring

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Have you ever felt like you are living your life based on other people’s expectations? Does it seem like you never do things on your own terms? If that sounds familiar to you, trust me — I can relate. With that in mind, I composed this collection of the most inspiring “I don’t care quotes” from the internet.

I firmly believe that we should embrace our individuality, speak our minds, and follow our instincts. There is no time for us to bother with restraints that others would impose on us. Focusing on things and people who are irrelevant in our lives will only hinder us from being truly happy. We ought to learn how to put ourselves first and stay true to what we stand for.

So here is to all of us who have decided to live in accordance with our own wishes and rid ourselves of unnecessary bothers! I proudly present my collection of the best don’t care quotes for your amusement. Enjoy!

The Best Don’t Care Quotes to Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind

Don’t Care Quotes That Empower You to Maintain Self-Integrity

#1. “Never doubt yourself. Never change who you are. Don’t care what people think, and just go for it.” ― Britney Spears

#2. “Sometimes, people are shocked by what I do, but I’m not trying to be liked. I speak my mind, and I don’t care what people think. I truly do not compromise on who I am.” ― Nuno Roque

#3. “Sometimes, you just have to stop caring. You have to turn off all emotion and feeling to protect yourself from getting hurt.”

#4. “I don’t care what people say about me. I know who I am, and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

#5. “By not caring too much about what people think, I’m able to think for myself and propagate ideas which are very often unpopular. And I succeed.” — Albert Ellis

#6. “When you are truly comfortable in your own skin, not everyone will like you, but you won’t care one bit.”

#7. “Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.”

Don’t Care Quotes That Remind You to Be Your Own Priority

#8. “If you want to live, stop asking for permission — do it now and regret later. What other people think is none of your business.”

#9. “I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don’t, it’s their loss.”

#10. “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” — Johnny Depp

#11. “The moment you stop caring is the moment when things get better. Don’t waste your time trying to please others.”

#12. “Not caring more about what other people think than what you think — that’s freedom.” — Demi Moore

#13. “The more you care about what others think of you, the more you will feel like an image created for their enjoyment. You are real, and you are yourself, so stop caring and live.”

#14. “Forget about what everyone else thinks and says. If it makes you happy, do it.”

Don’t Care Quotes About People Who Are Unworthy of Your Attention

#15. “Ignore those people who talk about you behind your back — that’s where they belong.”

#16. “Don’t be mad because I don’t care anymore. Be mad because I once did, and you were too blind to see.”

#17. “Don’t even bother asking me if I’m ok if you don’t actually care.”

#18. “I don’t have time to hate anyone. I either love you or I don’t care at all.”

#19. “Don’t push me to the point where I don’t care. I’m loyal, but even I have my limits.”

#20. “Nobody is ever too busy. If they care, they will make time.”

#21. “Sometimes, you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.”

#22. “When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.”

#23. “Often, people that say they ‘don’t care,’ actually do. The moment they discuss you with their friends and family, compete with you, bad-mouth you to others, or react to anything you do or say is when they give themselves away. You can either be saddened or flattered that you affected someone so much. The perspective is yours to determine.” ― Shannon L. Alder

#24. “Don’t care if someone hates you; people usually hate those who are better than them.”

#25. “Sometimes, to get someone’s attention, you have to stop giving them yours.”

#26. “Explain to me how you having a problem with me is my problem.” — Dan Pearce

#27. “If I have to chase you and fight for your attention, eventually, I won’t want it anymore.” — Will Smith

Don’t Care Quotes That Inspire You to Embrace a Care-Free Attitude

#28. “I chose not to care. And if it scared me at first how easy it was to make myself feel differently about something by simply deciding it, I decided I could ignore that too.” ― Greer Macallister

#29. “The older you get, the more you stop caring about things you thought you would never stop caring about.”

#30. “I don’t know; I don’t care, and it doesn’t make any difference.” — Jack Kerouac

#31. “Care less, smile more.”

#32. “I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t think about you at all.” — Coco Chanel

#33. “I am not heartless; I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.”

#34. “One of the best feelings in the world is when you stop caring about things that used to bother you.”

#35. “People say I act like I don’t care. It’s not an act.”

#36. “When I’ve had enough, I stop. I just get to the point where I don’t care.”

#37. “The world is going to keep bashing me for whatever I do, and I’m going to keep not caring.” — Jaden Smith

#38. “I no longer care about things I can’t change and people who won’t change.”

#39. “You don’t have to care about everything around you. Some things are best to be left ignored.”

Final Thoughts

In the end, all I can say is that life is too short for us to lead the way others would want us to. With luck, my collection of don’t care quotes has inspired you to free yourself from unnecessary stress and only surround yourself with people and things that matter to you.

To all the rest, say, “Hi, I don’t care, thanks!”