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Why You Need A Web Hosting Provider That Is Also Expert In SEO: An Explainer

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An efficient web hosting plays a vital role in the growth of your website. A professional web hosting provides several benefits such as technical support and web security, restoration and backup features with pro web hosting for your business.

Simply put SEO (search engine optimization) is a combination of services that take into account search engine ranking. SEO is about improving a site’s rankings by using algorithms, key search words, filtering out traffic, scanning search trends, etc.

The relation between web hosting and SEO is a two-way street. Websites that operate smooth and swift are more likely to grab better Google search rankings and this is only possible when a website is hosted by a good hosting server and a trained SEO expert.

With the increasing competition online, SEO experts are quickly becoming the tiebreaker, staying one step ahead and coming up with ways to enhance your website. In your search for a good web hosting provider, find what you need at Hosting Foundry.

Let’s look at some of the importance of SEO to understand why you need a web hosting provider that is also an expert in SEO,

1. Professional Assistance

There is a clear difference between a website maintained/assisted by a professional SEO as compared to a regular website. That is because the SEO experts have thorough knowledge based on proven techniques for excellent results. Notwithstanding, the SEO industry is incredibly dynamic since the search engine ranking criteria keeps on changing.

The algorithms of leading search engines vary from time to time and your SEO method needs to be modified as per that. A trained SEO consultant will be aware of all this and will be able to navigate, taking steps to optimize your website.

2. Speed and Uptime Optimization

One of the most important attributes of a good host is the load time (speed: to open your website) and the uptime (Website uptime is the time that a website or web service is available to the users over a given period).

One of the factors used by the search engine algorithm to determine their ranking is load time. Your website must be efficient and flawlessly responsive all time to attract traffic. A good web hosting with a trained SEO will execute such technical assistance leaving you with more time to focus on the content and new ideas.

Why do we need an SEO Expert for this?

Improving a website load time and uptime requires skills and system knowledge, which most people are not equipped with. It requires thoughtful planning, significant resources, benchmarking, flawless execution, thorough testing and evaluation.

Particularly for e-commercial sites, planning and testing can take several months and requires collaboration between different teams. In many cases, it requires a great deal of technical skills which fall on web developers, system administrators, network specialists and other technically minded professionals.

3. Attract Traffic and Conversion

The whole purpose of SEO optimization is to put your website business at the forefront of a search engine. A professional SEO can make your site more visible on the search engine. Those who seek the service or product that you offer will have an increased probability of finding your website rather than those of other players in the sector. This helps you create a brand and to attract organic traffic.

Conversion of such traffic into financial gains by providing a good service is another important function of professional SEO. Some of the ways used by SEO professionals to convert such traffic are: link building, SEO content development, link building, PPC advertising, web analytics, SEO code analysis and correction. Or, contact Pay per Click Management Company for all of your Adwords needs.

How professional SEO works? – It is essential to know how SEO acts and functions before you choose a web hosting. SEO is a sophisticated marketing strategy that has many moving parts. It can be an overwhelming process to learn these different strategies and integrate them into your website goals. Let’s break it down for better understanding:

• Set up an Expert Campaign

With an expert SEO at hand, the SEO expert firstly draws an analysis of your present website using algorithms, history, target audience and projected traffic. Depending upon the results, the expert draws a comprehensive campaign for optimizing your website business.

• Use Research Keyword and Content Management

Keyword triggers your relevance in search results. Through careful examination and research, SEO consultants can provide appropriate keywords to rank your website. Another important feature is content management. There needs to be a structure, categories, “the what” and “the how” and external links.

As your website grows and the content increases, you need systemic management of your contents for your visitors to navigate easily. Such a task can be daunting. Worry not for that’s what SEO assistance is exactly for.

• Continue Modification

The world of internet marketing is ever-changing. There are updates and changes with the search engine algorithm now and then. The job of a trained SEO expert keeps on evolving likewise, adopting new strategies and tested methods to keep your site at its best. Every SEO professional has a different method they adopt depending upon the website.

The role of a professional SEO in today’s digital world is very important. With this in mind, next time you are opting for a web hosting, it is essential that you take into account the role of a professional SEO expert as a feature. Do check out some of the top web hosting with robust SEO options.