home improvements that boost value

Home Improvements That Boost Your Home’s Value

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When planning upgrades to a home, consider those improvements that will increase the home’s value. Many improvements cost little but provide a big return on investment. Other upgrades come with a high price tag but turn the house into a home. For those homeowners who plan to stay in the residence, spending this money isn’t an issue.

However, men and women looking to sell their homes need to consider what potential buyers might want. The following upgrades are three every person should consider before putting their home on the market.

Remodel the Bathroom

Before putting your home on the market, consider remodeling the bathroom. Many sellers hesitate to take this step, as they don’t want to spend the money on something they won’t get to enjoy.

However, a bathroom that looks fresh and clean will attract more buyers. However, keep in mind there is no need to do a fancy upgrade. Many sellers plan this project with their own preferences in mind.

Save money by avoiding distinct color combinations or fancy add-ons. A buyer wants a bathroom that is functional and visually appealing when they move in. They can then focus on adding the extras that are important to them.

This is one room where you don’t need to go overboard when remodeling before you sell the home. Unique Vanities has an amazing selection of products for this room at affordable prices, so be sure to check them out.

Paint Does Wonders

Give the home a facelift in little time with the help of paint. When a potential buyer walks into a home that has been painted recently, they see a clean and updated residence. As a result, they will pay more for the home.

Neutrals remain the best option when painting a home to sell, as these colors appeal to a broader group of buyers. As a gallon of paint costs approximately 25, the homeowner can buy the tools and supplies and still spend very little to update the residence before putting it on the market.

Don’t overlook the exterior of the home when purchasing paint. Did you know painting your front door black could increase the value of the home by more than $6,000? Zillow conducted a study that found a black or charcoal gray front door adds value to the home, and the same holds for a light blue bathroom or light taupe living room.

Add a Home Office

Telecommuting first took off in 2009. With the global pandemic, more people than ever before work from home. As a result, many homebuyers look for properties with a home office. They want a separate space to carry out their work duties.

In fact, some families today look for homes with multiple offices, as both parties may work from home. If children return to virtual learning, they want a space for the children to do their schoolwork away from the main part of the residence.

HomeLight reports adding a home office boosts the value of the residence by more than $10,000. However, they gathered this data in mid-2020. This number has likely risen as more people telecommute today. Consider taking a walk-in closet and making it a home office or investing in an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Following the pandemic, an ADU adds $66,000 on average to a home’s value.

If you have questions regarding which improvements provide the best return on investment in your local market, work with a real estate professional. They happily share this information with homeowners, hoping to secure their business when the time comes to sell. It never hurts to ask when you are improving the home, as you want the most value for your money with this asset.