holiday activities for kids

Engaging Holiday Activities For Kids

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Everybody waits for holidays, even kids. Currently, the Easter holidays are going on in many countries. However, after a few weeks, summer vacations will start. For kids and parents, these are times to bond and also overwhelming. Kids constantly need activities to be busy. Otherwise, you will find them begging you to watch TV or constantly eating.

Also, due to boredom, you often find kids misbehaving. All this can be quite stressful as you try to celebrate festivals or have fun. Therefore, many parents are on the lookout for activities to keep their kids engaged. You are on the right page if you are looking for similar ideas.

Cooking and baking day 

Once a week, plan a cooking and baking day. If you work, choose a day with less work stress or on weekends. Bake or cook something with your kids. Involve them in everything, from getting out the ingredients to deciding what to cook. It teaches kids basic life skills. It keeps them engaged. Lastly, this allows for quality family time.

Engage in sand art

Kids love playing in the sand. So if you have sand nearby or when you go to the beach, you can see how happy they are. Unfortunately, they cannot play in the sand every day as it’s not easily accessible. But you can get them as sand art from

It comes with sand, cards, and more in bulk or small amounts. Buy as much as you want. Kids will love playing with it and enjoying it.

Science experimentation

A fun activity that also teaches kids something is doing science experiments for kids. Children love those YouTube videos of snow formations or volcanic eruptions. So, show them the same at home. It engages and educates them at the same time. Find some doable activities and do them on a planned day.

Set up an easter egg hunt

If you are looking for an activity to make Easter fun and celebratory, this is for you. First, make Easter eggs for the children. Get creative with these; they don’t always have to be filled with sweets. Hide them in various places, which you will have to plan for. Then, let the kids enjoy themselves as they run around looking for their Easter eggs. It will be fun, and it will also keep them busy for a while.

Have picnics

Another way to keep kids happy, engaged, and bonded is to go on picnics with them. You don’t have to go to the park every week; it can be once or twice a month. But you can pack them sandwiches, get some juice for them, and put treats in a bag. Then, lay out a blanket in the garden for them.

Also, put some toys for the kids there too. Then, the kids can play in the garden, eat, and even have friends over. You can join them when you have the time. Otherwise, kids will be happy to play in the garden with their friends when you romanticize the situation this way.

Create a miniature garden

Make your kids fall in love with gardening. All you need is an empty plastic container or an ice cream box. Put some moss and soil in it. Get creative. You can even use small planters, and the kids can paint them any color they like. They will get so excited about it. You can show them how to grow strawberries or any other fruit or veggie they love.

Let them make a movie

If your kids are old enough to take videos, ask them to make a movie. Ask them to use figurines, toys, or anything. It will keep them engaged and get their creative juices flowing. This gives you free time to do your chores or work. Also, teach them to edit on a simple app to ensure their movie comes out perfectly.

Make jewelry

Get beads, wire, and clasps from a jewelry shop. Use it to make jewelry with your little ones. Even your child can do it alone with their siblings. Just ensure you get age-appropriate pieces.

Try these few ideas to keep kids engaged during the holidays. Also, plan them; a list will be helpful. Lastly, planning trips or more should always include kids. It makes them excited and involves them in the decision-making process.