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High Blood Pressure? 7 Ways To Keep It Under Control

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High blood pressure can cause a lot of issues when it comes to your health. Even if you have high blood pressure, there are 7 ways to keep it under control. That’s how you could immediately avoid high blood pressure risk.

The best options include exercising, monitoring heart rate, losing weight, quitting smoking, and not eating processed foods. Make sure you incorporate these steps within your daily routine. It will bring tremendous change to your life. Let’s get right in.

What Is Blood Pressure?

The blood pressure indicates the pressure of the blood in our circulatory system. The pressure entirely depends upon the heart’s condition and its beating rate. Blood pressure is a key metric every doctor uses to measure a patient’s condition.

Most of the time, high and low blood pressure can be issued for human health. Generally, the normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg. You may need to do certain activities to keep your blood pressure normal.

How To Control Blood Pressure

You need to follow some of the actions to control your blood pressure. Plus, changing some habits can be super effective along the way. Moreover, you will get a better heart rate all the time.

1. Reduce Stress And Stay Relaxed

No matter your profession, you need proper stress relief. Because increasing stress impacts your heart in a bad way, this is why you should always find activities that help to reduce your stress. Not every activity will work for everyone. You must find out what works for you—remedies such as a vagus nerve massage kit are an effective way to keep yourself relaxed.

To give some examples, you could exercise regularly. Or watch out for comedy, movies, or other events. Even listening to music can make you more relaxed. Studies have shown that reducing stress helps your heart to stay at a normal blood pressure rate.

2. Eat A Healthy Diet

A bad diet can harm your blood pressure. For example, if you are adding more salt to your diet, then it will surely increase your blood pressure. This is why, while making your dish or choosing a meal, ensure you don’t consume over 6g of salt daily.

On the other hand, you should add healthy items to your diet. For example, always go for low-fat options for bigger meals. Your daily diet should contain fruits and vegetables. Also, ensure your daily meal contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium. More so, make sure you follow healthier cooking principles as well.

3. Minimise Consumption of Processed Food

According to countless studies, processed foods can lead to obesity. Moreover, the high salt concentration in these foods makes them bad for blood pressure. They are the reason for high blood pressure rates in urban areas. Dishes such as Pizza and chips are some popular examples of processed foods.

You should refrain from buying processed foods. Or, in case you can’t cut it out, make sure you lower the intake of processed foods. Ultimately, stay away from these packaged or processed foods to be healthy.

4. Lose Excess Weight

The best way to control blood pressure is to lose weight. Even a slight weight change can help you better control your blood pressure. As obesity causes blood pressure to rise, when you reduce your weight, it starts going back to a normal state.

To help you in the weight loss journey, some diets can help you out. Consider bringing change to your diet for immediate results. Along with a specific diet, you should start living a fit life. For example, you should take the ladder instead of the escalator or lift.

5. Exercise Regularly

Studies find that exercising regularly helps you control your blood pressure. Some of the exercises work, as well as medications for blood pressure. People who live an active life and exercise regularly have stronger hearts than people who don’t.

This is why you should find time for exercise in your busy life. According to experts, you should do exercise and physical activity for 40 minutes at least 3 times a week. Moreover, doing more is recommended when you have free time. But if you find it difficult to find a 40-minute session, you could have small sessions at different times of your busy day.

6. Quit Smoking

It’s a definite fact that smoking increases your blood pressure to dangerous levels immediately. Even with moderate smoking, your blood vessels get shortened, resulting in a sharp spike in blood pressure. Non-smokers around smoking zones are also likely to get higher blood pressure.

Even if you can’t quit smoking entirely, reduce the frequency. Perhaps, ensure you don’t smoke in public places and around non-smokers. That’s how you can maintain your blood pressure close to a normal level. Plus, if you haven’t started smoking, stay away from it.

7. Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home

It’s better to monitor your blood pressure at home. Otherwise, the blood pressure might go to dangerous levels. You could use a digital blood pressure measurement or do it by hand.

Either way, you measure it out and keep a proper calculation of your heart bit rate. If it is way lower or high, you should seek professional help. But always keep monitoring your heart rate and pulse.


Let’s summarize the 7 ways to keep it under control of your blood pressure. Ensure you follow all the ways to keep your blood pressure in control. These are some of the most proven techniques to keep yourself healthy. Do follow it out.

Most of all, you must stay healthy and active to keep your blood pressure in control. You will feel much better in all your activities with better blood pressure.