health benefits of hunting

Top Health Benefits of Hunting

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Some may like hunting, some may not. But do you have any idea about the health benefits of hunting? Hunting is an art and everybody has his own way of doing this art. Hunters use a variety of strategies to hunt. However, the benefits of hunting are not only limited to having a protein meal on the day of the hunt. The benefits of hunting are beyond this! So read the article and have an overview of the top health benefits of hunting!

1. Improved Mental Health

Hunting is a very good practice for improving mental health. While hunting the animal or bird, the hunter has to remain very conscious and focus all his attention on his target. This practice of mindfulness helps the hunter get rid of disturbing memories and future worries. This results in reduce stress levels and thus improved mental health.

Some other benefits of hunting include lower blood pressure and heart rate especially when the hunter has to remain calm and immobile in order to shoot his target, natural antidepressant, and reduced stress levels due to mindfulness practice. Hunting outdoors exposes hunters to the sunshine and helps them absorb enough Vitamin D. All these benefits combine to improve the mental health of the hunter.

2. Connection with friends and family

When hunting the animals or the birds, the hunters always have a choice of going alone or with friends and family members. However, most of them prefer going with their friends and family members as they enjoy spending time with them.

Having good company while hunting not only improves relationships with others but also makes the hunter feel relaxed and collect some good memories with his friends and family members. And to be safe, wearing waterproof items would come in handy, you can get some waterfowl waders.

3. Improved Physical balance

When aiming the target, the hunter has to remain immobile, grasp the rifle in a correct position, and maintain a proper body posture in order to shoot the target. This muscle coordination and proper body posture help improve physical balance.

4. Exercise

Carrying a rifle is not an easy task. It is very heavy and weighs at least about 12.5 pounds. When the hunter has to remain still for quite a lot of time in order to catch the prey, he is doing a great deal of exercise.

On the other hand, the hunters who prefer using a bow and arrow in order to hunt are also exercising actually. It works this way that the heavier the pull tension will be, the more will be the weight of the bow. And, when the hunter has to remain in this position for a long time to catch his prey, he is working out enough to build his muscles.

5. Nutrition

This is the most favorite benefit of hunting, and most probably the main purpose of hunting. Most people hunt in order to have a high protein meal. No doubt, this is a very healthy benefit of hunting, but it becomes even healthier when you come to know that the meat you are eating is of the animal or bird that has been raised in the wildlife.

Confusing … huh? Let me explain. The animals who are raised at a commercial level each have a specific food. However, those living in wildlife get access to nutritious, natural food present in their environment. Thus, when the hunter eats the meat of a hunted animal, he is eating healthily.

6. Gives the body an adrenaline boost

Hunting results in an increased secretion of adrenaline hormone. Holding a rifle somehow connects an individual to our ancestors. The primitive beings were hunters so when we hold our guns, a spark occurs, and we automatically feel an urge to hunt, just like our ancestors used to do.

This positive energy causes the release of adrenaline hormone in our bodies, which leaves a positive impact on our health. It makes us feel contended, energizes the body, freshens the mind, improves mood and body metabolism, and makes us feel lighter. Higher levels of adrenaline hormone in the body will cause greater amounts of glycogen to break down, thus giving enough energy to your body to function optimally.

7. Helps the Environment

Last but not the least, hunting helps the environment which directly affects our health. We have heard that hunting is cruel, but in certain ways, it is beneficial for the environment. The taxes collected from hunting help the states and aid the government in improving wildlife habitat, maintaining the parks, and inaugurating wildlife refuges.

In addition to this, hunting also helps in population control of the animals or birds, thus preventing the ecosystem from disrupting.

So, these were some of the top health benefits of hunting. Though these are not all, surely the ones that are worth mentioning. If you are hunting already, you now know the health benefits you are availing from this practice!