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Going To Michigan? These Are Things You Must Do!

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Michigan is the place to go if you’re a fan of beaches, berries, and woods. However, Michigan is home to a wide variety of more amazing things. Michigan is a state full of hidden jewels and unusual attractions, as well as stunning landscapes and gorgeous lakes.

The state is the ideal example of how nature and industry can coexist to create a destination with something for every kind of visitor. Thus, our top recommendations for exciting things to do in Michigan are as follows:

Visit The Museum Of The Call Of The Wild

This funky museum of Gaylord is a throwback to the days of cheesy and corny vacation stops in little towns alongside the route to more exciting destinations in the North. There are scores of taxidermied animals on show, but the museum is also a time capsule from before freeways like I-75 allowed travelers to go right by little villages like these.

Explore The Upper Peninsula

The northern part of Michigan is called the Upper Peninsula. Its lush woods, glistening rivers and lakes, and other natural wonders make up its stunning scenery.

The Upper Peninsula is a terrific place to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy some time in the presence of nature with loved ones, engaging in a wide variety of enjoyable activities. There are endless things to do, such as mountaineering, island hopping, mountain biking, canoeing, camping, astronomy, and witnessing the northern lights.

Check Out The Fisher Building

Detroit is home to one of Michigan’s architectural crown jewels. When Albert Kahn, an architect, created the Fisher Building in 1928, he had every intention of adding a second tower.

However, the Great Depression called for an end to his plans. At that time, a local publication predicted that the tower would have become as iconic as the Eiffel Tower. There are a variety of stores, restaurants, and even a movie theater on the ground floor of the Fisher building. One of the most impressive features of the foyer is the intricate ceiling.

Try To Cover Up Your Vacation Cost By Playing At Michigan Gambling Sites

In 2020, Michigan became the first state to allow sports betting at retail outlets. Although 2018 was a difficult year overall, positive developments have occurred within the state’s emerging sector. The market’s true potential was shown with legal online betting casinos in January 2021. Visitors, just like residents, can now place bets at Michigan online casinos and earn a lot of money if they are pro gamblers.

Shop Around The Grand Traverse Commons Village

The current location of the Grand Traverse Commons Village used to be a 19th-century hospital. Every possible item or service is available there, making it ideal for a shopping binge. Aside from going on the wine tour, dine on some delicious local cuisine, relax with a cup of coffee while taking in the area’s stunning scenery, and do much more. Outdoor activities, including hiking, bicycling, yoga, and more, are also available in this village.

Take A Stroll At The University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan, located on an enormous 2,800 acres in Ann Arbor, is home to various fascinating and stunning Gothic-style buildings. The museums, such as the Museum of Art, Kelsey Archaeology Museum, and Natural History Museum are just as remarkable and extensive as the city’s many old buildings.

Spend $10 On The Front Porch Of The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel’s Front Porch, Mackinac Island, is worth every penny of the $10 entrance fee. Guests can relax in white rocking chairs that are as spacious as they are relaxed on hot summer days while enjoying the spectacular view of the hotel’s classic geraniums, the Mackinac Bridge, Lake Huron, and ferries transporting tourists from and to the island. You may also visit the hotel’s stores and public areas with your $10 entrance fee.

Make Sure To Visit The Tunnel Of Trees

Look at the M-119’s Tunnel of Trees, which runs from Harbor Springs through Cross Village. Although the trip provides beautiful autumn foliage, you may stop anywhere along the forested path at any time to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of Lake Michigan. If you happen to be in the area between May and October, make sure to check out the Legs Inn restaurant and its panoramic bottom-level view.

Enjoy The Match At The Michigan Stadium

Don’t miss out on the experience of watching a match at Michigan Stadium if you’re a sports lover. The size of this stadium is remarkable; it is the third biggest of its sort in the entire world. In addition to its main focus on live soccer games, it also includes a plethora of entertaining events and shows. Movie evenings and yoga workshops are just two of the summertime attractions that can be enjoyed at this huge stadium.

The Bottom Line

Visit this scenic and exciting state on your own or with a group of friends. Because of its convenient location, Michigan is ideal for a vacation when you want to escape everyday life.