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5 Gluten Free Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

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Some people avoid gluten at all costs, and that’s okay. The problem is that it can be found in virtually everything, and that’s not good, especially for foodies. If you have foodie friends and want to give them something special, you must look for the right food for them like gluten free chocolate bars, which are perfectly designed to stop your friends’ cravings. Here are five more gluten-free ideas.

1. Gourmet Gift Basket

If you’re looking for gourmet gluten free food gifts, a gourmet gift basket from Hickory Farms will work wonderfully. This company is well known for creating the most impressive and versatile gift baskets. Each basket caters to different tastes with amazing flavors, making a basket from its gluten-free options an excellent gift for foodies.

The brand also has large gift boxes available for a beautiful gifting presentation. Look through some of its choices, and you’ll be tempted to get a gift basket for yourself, too.

2. Gluten-Free Cookbook

You could also gift a gluten-free cookbook. Taking gluten out of the diet could feel limiting, especially for someone who loves food. Some of the best things to eat have gluten in them. The good thing is that it’s not the end of the world.

A cookbook could be the beginning of an exciting journey. A journey that’ll allow your friend to rediscover cooking and try new ingredients. For example, nixtamalized corn flour has no gluten and could make a great substitute when used right.

3. Restaurant Gift Card

Find out what restaurants nearby offer gluten-free options. The more conscious people become about their food, the more restaurants respond. You can find restaurants that serve vegan food, organic food, and also gluten-free food.

All you have to do is find the restaurants that offer this option and get a gift card for your friend. Every so often, foodies like to experiment with a restaurant. All you’re doing is helping with that experiment.

4. Gluten Free Crafts

Craft beer makers continue to make some pretty impressive beers, but your foodie friend can’t enjoy those. Most beers contain gluten, but they don’t have to. Some beer companies are responding to this need.

Opt for a local brewery that’s doing something exciting with gluten-free beers, and get a pack for your friend. Try to get a box with different flavors so that your friend can experience as much as possible.

5. Cooking Class

If your foodie friend doesn’t cook or has never cooked gluten-free recipes, then a cooking class might be a great gift. Yes, there are cooking classes that focus on gluten-free recipes. These classes try to reteach cooking in a sense since cooking without gluten is quite different. If you know your friend would love to learn to cook, then this is a good gift.

Be sure to read a few reviews about the instructor before deciding where to send your friend to make sure it’s a good teacher.

You’ve got plenty of options here, so choose what you think will be best for your friend or friends. The right choice is going to pop out at you, so don’t worry about it.