give your backyard a makeover

10 Ways You Can Give Your Backyard A Makeover

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Giving your backyard a makeover doesn’t have to be time-consuming or a costlier affair. All you need are inexpensive expert projects and designing strategies to transform your ordinary green space into a magnificent outdoor oasis.

So, if you wish to live in the backyard space of your dreams, you have come to the right place. You just require a little patience and some free time, along with our curated backyard ideas on a budget to live in the yard you always dreamt of. So, let’s jumpstart to give your backyard a makeover without any further ado.

1. Add a fire pit

If you love spending romantic evenings around a fire pit, adding the same to your yard is a great choice. There are fire pits that don’t require professional installations; you can build them yourself. All you need are inexpensive supplies like angled pavers and gravel for the base, and this easy-to-do outdoor project can be completed in a few days. Once added, you can enjoy them for years, and at the same time, they add big points to your property’s outdoor image.

2. Clean your deck

Often debris like dead leaves, dry grasses, or small twigs accumulates below and above your deck. This debris makes your outdoor spaces look bad and even are prone to higher fire risks. So, you need to spare some time to clean the deck thoroughly to make the yard look better while ensuring you remain safe there.

3. Decorate with accent lights

Accent light remains a perennial favorite for outdoor spaces, especially at night. Outdoor lights are fun and celebratory and give a warm glow without destruction. Think about string lights; wrap them around a tree or down a table- makes a twinkling centerpiece. You may purchase accent lights online or from a local store. These can be set up quite quickly. Also, consider batteries-powered or solar-powered lights to place anywhere in your yard.

4. Add a water fountain

Simplest additions like adding a water fountain are not just among cost-effective makeover ideas but can be easily installed yourself as well. A water fountain in your backyard looks great, offers a therapeutic soundtrack, and complements almost any outdoor design. You may plan to buy a fountain or simply DIY a water fountain.

5. Add evergreens

Evergreens are a great choice as they forever remain green and give your yard a refreshing and enticing appeal. These even provide continuity and offer a sense of structure to the yards. Think about adding planters with evergreens in front.

6. DIY outdoor seating

Talking of outdoor furniture, it can be an expensive investment. However, there is a range of affordable options that you can DIY, which provide modern and trendy appeal to your outdoor spaces.

One way is to invest in low-cost concrete blocks (dry stacked and covered with foam pads). These are a great yet low-cost way to offer lots of seating space in your yard.

7. Display a collection

Talking about displaying a collection often leads to thoughts of high-end or expensive stuff. However, this doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple plant collection in miniature containers is a great way to display a focal point in your backyard. Invest in a plain shelf to display low-cost succulents or cactus plants. It adds a fun pop of color to your backyard space.

8. Hardscaping ideas

Hardscaping elements such as walkways, retaining walls, or edging are the most expensive elements in any landscaping design. For a complete makeover, you may need professional services. For instance, if you live in Sydney, a professional excavator hire in Sydney makes sense to start with the project.

9. Think vertically

Vertical gardens are the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your backyard spaces a makeover. This simple garden project serves as a multipurpose idea. You can use it to outfit urban spaces or blank walls or for growing pretty succulents or vegetables. You can use simple boxes and hang them from hooks.

10. Choose the right paving material

Lastly, choose the right paving material. If you are searching for a low-cost idea with no grass, crushed rocks and gravel are your way to give your yard an instant makeover. You can even opt for traditional pavers.


Achieving a modern and trendy outdoor space in less time and low budget isn’t a secret anymore. Follow the ways mentioned above to give your backyard a makeover in no time. You just need to get your hands on a few inexpensive supplies and a free day to bring your dream outdoor space to reality.