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Gap Year Traveling: 8 Places to See This Year

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Many students who are not ready to apply to a college after high school usually decide to take a gap year. Some people believe that it is a waste of time. But others know how to take advantage of this as a gap year gives you time to discover yourself and the world, broaden your horizons, find your life purpose, and consider what education and career you wish to pursue.

A gap year in 2022 is the opportunity to invest your time in your well-being by traveling. Before going on a trip, make sure you don’t have any academic debts or remaining homework. If you have any homework, you can reach out to Essaypro specialists with the message “I need Essaypro to write my essay for me,” and within a short period of time, you will have your splendid paper done. Also, you should consider the following things: 

  • Your proficiency with a second language.
  • Your budget, including the cost of living, transportation, and program fees.
  • The activities, including work, volunteering, and internships you would like to take part in.

If you are still wondering where to go, this article will guide you on the most exciting places you have to visit during your gap year. Let’s dive in!

1. Vatnajökull Ice-Caves

The Giant glacier Vatnajökull is located in Iceland and is the largest in Europe. In its southern part, there are amazing ice caves of extraordinary beauty. They were formed over many thousands of years under the influence of underground geothermal sources and meltwater flows. 

As a result of melting and freezing, the cave walls took amazing shapes and shimmered in thousands of colors, from bright blue, aquamarine, and indigo to orange-red. You can visit the caves of the Vatnajökull Glacier as part of a tour to see one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world with your own eyes.

2. Kawachi Fuji Garden

The magnificent Kawachi Fuji Garden is one of the most breathtaking gardens in the world. The botanical mountain reserve looks especially stunning in late April and early May, during the blooming season. Millions of white, pink, blue, and purple wisteria flowers turn this place into a true fairy tale. 

The blooming tunnels are especially impressive. Bunches of fragrant flowers braid the framework of the arch and hang down inside. A walk through the Kawachi Fuji Garden makes you lose touch with reality and become one with nature. Besides, this place is often chosen by tourists for their wedding journeys and declarations of love.

3. The Ancient City of Petra

This amazing city carved into the stones is situated more than 900 meters above sea level. It is impossible to believe that this miracle was created by people more than two thousand years ago. And with the first rays of the sun at sunrise and the last rays at sunset, Petra shimmers in scarlet and soft pink hues. That’s why Petra got the nickname Pink City.

To get to Petra, you have to walk a few kilometers through the Siq, but it’s worth it. Going beyond the walls of a dark corridor, you will see the elegant gables of the palace-mausoleum of El Khazneh, the amazing monastery of El Deir, the source of Moses (Al-Moussa), numerous temples, and colonnades. In addition, there are more than 800 architectural and historical monuments in the city of Petra.

4. Masai Mara National Reserve

This huge reserve is Kenya’s main attraction and one of the best national parks in Africa. It is located on the lands of the Maasai, the continent’s most militant tribe. While visiting their village, which everyone can do, you can see the culture and life of these beautiful people. You can visit their homes, take part in folk dances, and shoot with a bow. 

But the most amazing thing is the safari. There you can spot migrations of innumerable herds of zebra and antelope, hunting predators, and exotic birds. Besides, you can observe the savannah while flying over it in a hot air balloon.

In addition, the reserve is home to black lions and endemic species of giraffes, which can only be found here. Masai Maru may not be the must-visit place in the world in terms of scenery. Though it is delightful as there is little that can compare to this reserve for the richness of its wildlife.

5. Moraine Lake

One of the main attractions of Canada’s Banff National Park is Moraine lake. We recommend you visit this amazing place in early June, when it is filled with meltwater from glaciers and turns a bright blue color. From afar, it looks like a giant sapphire shimmering in the sunlight. It is impossible to go swimming here because of the lake’s temperature. 

However, you can rent a boat there or go fishing and enjoy the cleanest mountain air.

6. Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces

Despite its difficult routes, this place has long been a favorite of tourists traveling in Vietnam. It often makes lists of the world’s most beautiful places, which is not surprising. Mu Cang Chai is a gently curving terrace carved into the mountain slopes. It’s a place where local farmers plant rice, as it requires a lot of water.

From February to April, the fields are flooded with water that creates a mirror effect and sparkles unimaginably in the sunlight. From May to mid-September, the slopes are colored emerald by the rice shoots that have sprouted. That’s why it is the best time to travel here to admire the unusual scenery. Afterwards, the slopes turn golden brown.

7. Machu Picchu

Peru has many amazing places to visit, but the mysterious city of the vanished Inca empire Machu Picchu definitely takes first place in the tourist rating. It was built on a high mountain plateau in the 15th century, and only of stone blocks, without the use of mortar. After about a century, all its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared and left their homes. 

The ancient Inca citadel is full of secrets, which attract tourists from all over the world. The moderate climate of the region allows for year-round tours and even during the rainy season. But the amount of tourists that can visit Machu Picchu is limited, unfortunately.

8. Antelope Canyon

The amazing Antelope Canyon got its name because of its red walls, very similar to the skin of the antelope. There are many beautiful places on our planet, but this can safely be called one of the most unusual.

It is located in the state of Arizona, on the territory of the Navajo. Locals work here as guides. By the way, you cannot visit the Upper and Lower Canyons on your own because of the serious threat of flooding in case of a downpour.

Over millions of years, water and wind have turned this place into a true work of art. They’ve carved intricately shaped passages in the red sandstone. The daylight that falls through the narrow cracks makes the rocks shimmer and change their hue. It’s a photographer’s paradise, but even with a smartphone, you can take fantastically beautiful pictures.

Summing Up

There are plenty of fascinating places to visit on our planet. Whether it’s one of the natural wonders of the world or an architectural masterpiece created by humans, you will not regret spending time and money on the trip. Give a shot to all places we have recommended, and have an amazing gap year travel!