full house poker hand

Full House Poker Hand

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Online casinos are a wonderful world of amusements, which can help you relax being at home. As you get 200% welcome casino bonus or some other, you are impatient to start making bets, and many people choose poker to entertain themselves.

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, but it requires you to have some idea of what it is about. If you are going to play poker, then you should definitely figure out what rules come with this entertainment. The thing is that there are many more chances to win when gambling if you know what poker hands are and which are the best. Here, you are going to learn more about a full house.

It happens to be the third-best possible hand that you can get when you play poker at an online casino. A full house is nothing but a combination of five cards, where three cards are of the same rank while the other two cards belong to another rank.

A Full House: How Does It Rank?

Even though it is not the best poker hand, this combination is on the higher end of the list of the poker hands. Also, a full house has great value and can turn out to be the winning hand. It happens in the bigger part of cases. The combination is weak compared to Four of a Kind and Straight Flush, but if you compare it to Flush, it is stronger.

This hand does not appear that often in a poker game because Four of a Kind, Royal Flush, and Straight Flush are more common. 156 distinct ways exist to make a Full House. If you multiply it by all probable suit combinations, then a deck of 52 cards gives 3,744 ways to get a Full House.

If five random cards are drawn from the deck, then there is a 0.1441 percent chance of ending up with this combination. Also, one can describe it as 693.17-to-1 odds against.

When playing Texas Hold’em, for example, you need to come up with the best five-card combination from the seven cards you have. If you have all five community cards on the board, then your chance of making a Full House is 2.6 percent.

How you can play this combination is dependent on the number of gamblers in the game and your predictions regarding their hands. The best strategy is probably limping into a pot. In this case, you can become more aggressive when the pot is bigger.

What Does This Combination Beat?

A Full House can beat the combinations described below:

  • A Flush, which is a combination of five same-suit cards;
  • A Straight, which is a combination of five consecutive cards;
  • Three-of-a-Kind, which is a combination of three same-rank cards and two cards of different suits;
  • A Pair, which is a combination of two cards of the same suit and three different cards;
  • High Card, which is a combination of five different cards.