female dog names and meanings

90 All-Time Favorite Female Dog Names and Meanings

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So you’ve added a four-legged furry member to your family and are now looking for a great name for her? You’ve come to the right place as this post is a treasure trove of the most evergreen and popular female dog names and meanings. 

It’s not always easy to pick a nice name for your pooch. Most dog parents prefer a name that does not sound cheesy. 

While the below mentioned long list of girl dog names may seem overwhelming, remember to take your time to pick the right one. Start by narrowing down to your top ten choices and spend a few days in choosing the best five, and then zero in on the final one. 

Female Dog Names and Meanings in Alphabetical Order

    1. Ada:  Derived from the name Adele, Ada means ‘noble’ and ‘serene.’
    2. Alaska: This name means ‘great land.’ It is also the name of a US state. 
    3. Anja: This name means ‘grace.’
    4. Apple: This is the name of a popular fruit.
    5. Aria: Aria means ‘air’ in Italian and ‘lioness of god’ in Hebrew.
    6. Astrid: This name means ‘godly strength’ in Norse and ‘divine strength or beauty’ in German. 
    7. Aurora: This name means ‘heavenly lights.’ Aurora is also the Roman goddess of dawn.
    8. Ava: This Latin name means ‘life.’
    9. Bella:  This is an Italian name, which means ‘beautiful.’
    10. Belle: This is a French name, which also means ‘beautiful.’ 
    11. Blink: Blink refers to the act of eyes closing and opening.
    12. Blondie: This is the name of a rich, sweet dessert bar.
    13. Borra: This name means ‘snow’ in the Maltese language. 
    14. Brenna: This name means ‘raven-haired beauty’ in Gaelic, while in Ireland, it means ‘a small tear drop.’
    15. Brie: Brie has several meanings like ‘fire goddess,’ ‘strength’ and ‘power.’ 
    16. Cali:  This name means ‘beautiful and lovely.’
    17. Cammi: This name means ‘warrior.’
    18. Candy:  This name indicates that your little dog is a piece of sweetness.
    19. Charlie: If you’re a fan of Charlie Chaplin and your pooch likes doing funny things, you may want to consider this name for her. 
    20. Cherry: Inspired by the sweet red-colored fruit, Cherry is a great name for a small dog who has fur in shades of red.  
    21. Coco: Coco is the main ingredient used in making chocolate (cocoa), and an ideal name for brown dogs.
    22. Cookie: If your little mutt is irresistibly sweet, then this may be a suitable name for her.
    23. Cora: Cora means ‘maiden.’ It was the name of the heroine in the Last of the Mohicans.
    24. Daisy:  This is the name of a flower. 
    25. Dee: This name means ‘dark’ and is suitable for dogs with dark-colored fur.
    26. Dinky: This name means ‘small.’
    27. Dixie: In the US, Dixie refers to the South.  If you have a southern dog, this would be a good name.
    28. Dot: This name means ‘gift from god.’
    29. Ellie: This name means ‘god is my light.’ 
    30. Eme: A German name, it means ‘all containing and universal.’
    31. Eva: Eva or the Latin name for Eve means ‘the living one.’
    32. Fara:  This name means ‘free’ in Romania.
    33. Ginger: Ginger is a nickname for redheads, which makes it a great name for dogs with reddish fur.
    34. Ginti: Ginti is the Lithuanian term for defend.
    35. Grace: Grace means ‘to honor’ or ‘favor.’ 
    36. Harley: This name has reference to Harley Davidson as well as Harley Quinn from the DC Comics universe.
    37. Harper: A person who plays the harp is called Harper.
    38. Helga: This German name means ‘blessed’ or ‘holy.’
    39. Honey: Honey is the sweet nectar made by bees.  
    40. Indigo: A pleasing hue that is halfway between blue and purple.
    41. Iris: This is the name of a flower.
    42. Joli: This French name means ‘pretty.’
    43. Jule: This name is a variant of Joule or Jewel.  
    44. Juno: This is the name of the Queen of the Gods.
    45. Kai: This name means ‘sea’ in Hawaii.
    46. Karma: Karma refers to the cycle where what comes around goes around. 
    47. Kiwi: Kiwi is the name of a fruit that is green on the inside and brown on the outside.
    48. Koda: The meaning of this name is ‘little bear.’ This can be the perfect name for a cuddly pooch.
    49. Kona: This is the name of a Hawaiian town known for its coffee.
    50. Lady: This name reflects nobility and a higher social rank.  It is also a synonym for woman.
    51. Lassie: This is a Scottish name that means ‘young woman’ and ‘maiden.’ It became popular thanks to the famous TV series and film of the same name.
    52. Lucy: This name means ‘light-complexioned’ or ‘shiny.’ 
    53. Lumi: Lumi is the Finnish term for snow.
    54. Luna: Luna means ‘the moon,’ and also the Roman goddess of the moon. 
    55. Maggie: The meaning of this name is ‘child of light.’
    56. Mags: Mags is short for Maggie.  
    57. Maizie: Maizie is usually short for Margaret. You can also spell it with an ‘s’ instead of ‘z.’ 
    58. Mena: This is a German name that means ‘strength.’
    59. Minnie: Minnie means ‘small’ or ‘tiny.’
    60. Molly: Molly means ‘star of the sea.’  
    61. Noodle: Noodle refers to the pasta we all know and love.
    62. Norah:  This name means ‘honor.’
    63. Nova: A nova refers to the phenomenon of a star’s brightness increasing.
    64. Olive: Olives are small-sized green or black fruit with a tiny pit inside. This name signifies peace.
    65. Paris:  Paris refers to the French city.
    66. Pepper: This name is derived from the black-colored spice. It is also the name of the female lead in the Iron Man series.
    67. Petra: A common name in Germany, it is derived from a Greek word, which means ‘stone’ or ‘rock.’
    68. Piper: Piper refers to a flute player or a pipe player. 
    69. Pixie: A pixie refers to a fairy.
    70. Poppy: Poppy is the name of a lovely flower.
    71. Quinn: Quinn is the last name of Harley Quinn from the world of DC Comics. 
    72. Ree: This is a Hebrew name, which means ‘to captivate’ or ‘to bind.’
    73. Riley: In Ireland, Riley means ‘valiant.’
    74. Rosie: Rosie is a nickname for Rose. 
    75. Roxie: This name means ‘dawn.’ 
    76. Sadie: This name has Hebrew origins and means ‘princess.’
    77. Sini: This word is derived from the Finnish word ‘Sininen,’ which means ‘blue.’  
    78. Skylar: Skylar means ‘eternal life’ and ‘strength.’ 
    79. Snickers: Snickers has two meanings. One is to laugh at someone in a mean way. The other refers to the well-known candy bar.
    80. Stormy: Stormy was a foal in the popular children’s book, Stormy, Misty’s Foal. It was born in a storm. 
    81. Taffy: This name has reference to the renowned chewy candy that is usually made in beach towns.
    82. Tess: Tess is derived from the name Teresa, which comes from the Greek word ‘therizein.’ It means ‘to reap.’
    83. Tillie: This German name means, ‘the mighty battle maiden.’
    84. Twinkie: This is a small yellow-colored sponge cake with a creamy center. 
    85. Ursa:  Ursa is derived from the Latin word that means ‘bear.’
    86. Vivi: This name is short for Vivian, which means ‘alive.’
    87. Willow: This name means ‘resolute’ or ‘peaceful.’
    88. Xena: This is a Greek name that means ‘welcoming.’  It was made famous on the TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess.
    89. Zara: Zara means ‘to blossom.’
    90. Zoey: Zoey means ‘life.’


The above female dog names and meanings should help you decide on the most suitable name for your furry little pet. Make sure the name you choose reflects your personal taste and your pooch’s personality. So pick a fabulous name and get ready to show it off on your girl dog’s collar.