facts about special sauce cbd

Important Facts About Special Sauce CBD

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Over the years, weed lovers have developed a preference for Special Sauce CBD due to its strong and refreshing effect. This special strain has made a mark in the available varieties of cannabis and this has subsequently made it one of the highly sought after cannabidiol-dominant strains.

Special sauce is a very high cannabidiol hemp strain which has a unique smell and profile. It functions effectively in relieving chronic pain and as a sleep-inducing medication.

When the body is tired and the mind needs enough energy for productivity, all you need to do is to wrap joints from the special sauce cbd strain and you will feel refreshed. The hemp is also very effective in relaxing and calming the mind and it won’t get you high or wasted when you take just the right quantity.

Now, we understand that there are a lot of questions about Special Sauce CBD so we have set out to explain some important facts about hemp and how it can be of benefit to human health.

Important Facts about Special Sauce CBD

The following are some important facts about special sauce CBD:


The popular Special Sauce CBD has its origin from the careful breeding practices of farmers in Oregon. It was gotten from cross breeding a selected genotype of the original Special Sauce strain with an Early Resin Berry. This combination added to some mix of special genetics eventually led to the production of cannabis strains.

Physical Attributes and Aroma

Special Sauce strain is made of smaller buds than other strains and the color of the flower is a mix of woody brown, pine green and orange hues. The bugs of the special sauce are usually covered with thin long hairs; hence they possess a pleasing appearance and can be sticky in nature.

Remember the smell of fresh field? Special Sauce strain has an aroma which smells grassy. Dried buds of Special Sauce strain can come with a delicate and tasteful combination of multiple scents.

Finally, due to the imposing scent of this strain, your neighbors might not be comfortable with it and this might pose a bit of a problem for you if it is not properly managed. However, there is a way you can hide the smell so people around your home don’t come asking questions. If you need assistance on how to do this, you can check here.

Cultivation and Processing

Special sauce strains grow better when cultivated indoors as you can spot all the necessary needs of the plant and also secure it while it approaches maturity. The most suitable soil for this plant is a light premixed soil which isn’t too moist or dense.

It takes about a month and 3 weeks (7 weeks) for a strain to reach its flowering stage and this is visibly short when compared with other varieties. As the herb grows to maturity, getting enough supply of nitrogen and phosphorous rich nutrients is highly necessary to enable it to grow properly.

Additionally, watering of the plant is halted some weeks before harvest to allow an easy drying process.


The following are some functions that the Special Sauce strain serves:

• Eliminates depression and anxiety
• Helps in relaxation of your muscles
• Improves your sleeping habit
• Drives your motivation
• Reduces mood swings
Reduces pain
• Relieves stress
• Causes your brain to be agile
• Makes you comfortable and reduces discomforting thoughts.

This plant is really good for people experiencing severe and acute pains because it causes them to relax within a short while after usage. It can be used for patients who are handling cancer issues, cramps and seizures.

Other patients who experience psychiatric problems like depression, pains, apathy and the rest can find this remedy very soothing. This plant can also be very active when combined with professional therapy and especially with other CBD products like CBD oils that you can buy from https://penguincbd.com/.


Special Sauce strain has effects which can suit different kinds of user as it helps with relaxation. It is an effective source of relief from daily discomforts, stress and psychological imbalance.

If you need help on other ways of getting over discomforts, you can check this article.

These are some of the facts we have compiled about this special strain of CBD, you can still search the internet to check out more information about it.


There are lots of benefits that Special Sauce strain provides to its users at almost zero risks. Using the plant does not really make you stoned or change the way you think as it is very hard to overdose.

Do you usually experience severe pains or feel very anxious sometimes? Do you feel depressed or down at situations of life? Then, you can have a try of this improved breed of CBD. It can help lift your spirit.