exercises for women

Easy Exercises For Women

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Exercising regularly is vital for stress alleviation and the promotion of a healthy physical and mental state of health. Women who balance personal and professional commitments sometimes lack time to devote to their health.

However, exercise should be prioritized as early as now to live a healthy and longer life. Routine workouts act as a remedy to health issues and avoid health problems; all you need to do is fix a time slot in your schedule for workouts.

Going to the gym might not be an option or the daily jog in the neighborhood, but this shouldn’t be a concern. There are workouts you can perform at home without the need for any gym equipment. You can read some of the best exercise books to help you work out at home. Now, let’s get to it.

Heads-up On The Exercises

1. Exercises That Target Specific Regions or Muscles

Some Exercises Are Geared Towards Working a Specific muscle group

If you are focused on strengthening particular regions, maybe the abs or arms, get to choose your preferred exercise that targets the region and incorporate them in your working-out routine.

Just keep challenging your body by progressively increasing the weight from your dumbbell set if you use one, or increase the weights on your barbell or use heavier kettlebells, if you are a beginner try dumbbell sets, there are a lot of models that are catered towards women nowadays, you can also increase the amount of reps you do as you grow stronger and feel less challenged—these will only be the best workouts if you work hard enough.

2. Total-Body Workout Exercises

Some Exercises Target the Entire Body

Pick a number of the finest exercise techniques and do three sets of each for a fast total-body workout for ladies. To maximize calorie burn, move as quickly as possible between movements.

You may choose to alternate the exercises on different days or include target-specific workout routines in between. You may consist of a few sets of cardio intervals into your total-body workout or perform it independently for a longer time.

Warm Up First

Warming Up Is Important to Prevent Injuries

Warming up first by completing exercises that promote circulation and target the muscles you’ll be exercising is the most straightforward and most efficient approach to prepare your body for a workout.

This might include arm circles, windmills, arm swings, and spinal rotations for an upper-body exercise. Additionally, light aerobic motions such as walking or jogging in place can raise your heart rate and start your blood flowing. It takes an average of 8 to 12 minutes for your blood to warm up properly.

After you’ve warmed up, you may begin focusing on your intended workout exercise.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women

Dumbbell Exercises For Women

Single-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift


• Take an overhand grip on a set of dumbbells. Extend your arms such that they are in front of your thighs.
• Stand with your legs slightly apart, shoulder-length, and keep your knees slightly bent.
• Have one leg off the ground.
• Maintain a natural arch on your back while bending at the hips.
• Gently lower your body until it’s almost touching the ground in a parallel position, without changing the initial bend in your knee.
• Hold that position, then clench your glutes, drive your hips forward, and return to the beginning position.

Pro Tip:

The exercise also engages your glutes and core.

Dumbbell Curls

Arm Exercise

• Either standing or sitting, have a dumbbell in both hands
• The arms should be on the sides and feet slightly apart.
• Ensure your elbows are close to your body, then in a slow movement, ensure your palms face you by twisting the dumbbells.
• This is where you’ll begin.
• Exhale when doing the twisting and ensure that your biceps are tightened
• Hold your position at the peak of the twist before returning to the initial appointment.
• Engage in exercise 3 to four sets. Repeat close to ten times.

Pro Tip:

The biceps are the primary targets of the exercise.

Two-Arm Dumbbell Row

Back Exercise

• Hold a dumbbell on both hands and ensure you are upright, feet shoulders width apart.
• Bring your torso forward by bending at the waist and bending your knees slightly.
• Extend your arms with the dumbbells ensuring they are closer to your knees.
• Throughout the activity, ensure you capitalize on your core.
• Use the back muscles, and draw the dumbbells up to your side while keeping your upper body steady. Aim for your ribs.
• At the peak, pause and squeeze.
• Slowly, have the weights at the initial position.
• Repeat 2 to 3 sets not less than ten times.

Pro Tip:

The exercise targets the back, arms (biceps and triceps), and shoulders

Dumbbell Front Raise

• In each hand, hold a light dumbbell.
• Have the dumbbells in front of your thighs. Your elbows should be almost straight or just slightly bent.
• Raise the dumbbell forward until your upper arms pass the horizontal line.
• Gently, get to the initial position by lowering yourself.
• Repeat not less than ten times. Perform three sets

Pro Tip:

The routine targets shoulders, especially the anterior deltoid muscles

Offset Dumbbell Lunge


• With your arms bent, hold a dumbbell in your right hand near your shoulder.
• Have your right leg forward and lower yourself; the right knee is bent at a right angle, your other knee is as close to the ground as possible.
• Push yourself back up to the initial position.
• That counts as one rep.
• Complete all of your repetitions, then switch to your left leg while holding the weight in your left hand.

Pro Tip

The activity ensures your hips and abs are worked out and generally improves body posture and balance.

Back Exercises

Resistance Band Pull Apart

• Be upright; your arms are fully stretched forwards at chest level.
• Have the resistance band firmly in between your palms, parallel to the ground.
• Pull the band toward your chest by pushing your arms outward while keeping both arms straight.
• Begin this motion with your mid-back.
• Maintain a straight spine while squeezing your shoulder blades together. After a bit of pause, progressively return to the beginning position.
• Perform two to three sets. Repeat the steps not less than ten times

Pro Tip

The back, arms, and shoulders are all worked out.

Shoulder Exercises

Deltoid Raise

• Be in an upright position with your feet hip-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.
• Dumbbells should be held parallel to your torso, hands towards your thighs.
• At the waist, lean slightly forward and engage your core.
• Lift your arms out to the side until they create a “T” at shoulder level.
• Return to your initial point.
• That counts as one rep. Perform 2 to 3 sets repeating 10 to 15 times.

Pro Tip

The workout engages your shoulders and arms muscles, biceps, and triceps.



• Have both your shoulders and chest high, a straightened back, and feet wide apart, preferably shoulder length.
• Bring your hips back, then bend your knees and sit as though on a chair.
• Return to the initial position slowly and repeat.
• While squatting, keep your head straight. Carry it out in a calm manner.
• If your back starts to hurt, you’re not doing it correctly.
• Take a break and then begin again.
• Perform fewer sets of 2 to 3 repetitions with just 8 or 10 reps.

Pro Tip

Squats tone your thighs and butts. They also help in digestion and proper circulation of blood. Consider a squat rack (suggestions here) once you’re ready to add heavier loads to the bar.

Full Body Workouts


• Have your knees at a bending angle, your back straightened, and feet slightly apart, as if you were squatting.
• Hands should be on the floor slightly within your feet.
• Extend your feet back, assuming a pushup posture with the weight distributed on your hands and toes
• Perform one pushup while keeping your body straight. Don’t slump your back or shove your buttocks into the air.
• Jump your feet into the air and return to the starting position to try a frog kick.
• Stand up and extend your arms above your head.
• Leap into the air quickly and when landing back, ensure it’s the initial position.
• When you land with your knees bent, return to the starting squatting posture and repeat.

Jump Rope

• Be in an upright position, your palms at your hips.
• Rotate your wrists at the same time, swinging the rope
• As desired, you may decide to jump using both feet or alternate one foot at a time while the rope is swinging.
• Repeat until the set is finished.

Pro Tip:

Jump rope works on the leg muscles primarily. It also tones the glutes and back.

Safety Tips

Concentrate On your Form

Ensure consistency on your preferred technique while beginning a new workout regimen. With time, you will build confidence, endurance, and as strength improves, you may start increasing the weight or doing more sets.

Activate your Core

Some of the exercises require core strength to cushion your lower back. It’s essential to engage your abdominal muscles before making any motion and maintain them engaged throughout the workout.

Resist If you Feel Pain

If you feel any pain, you should come to a halt. Upper body workouts may test your muscles and leave you somewhat sore, but you should not experience discomfort.

If you do, take a moment to analyze the situation. Consider working with a personal trainer if the soreness is caused by poor form. If your discomfort persists despite adjusting your posture, consult your doctor or physical therapist.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? No, when working out, pushing yourself beyond limits does more harm than good and causes imbalances in your body.

When starting, you are your only competition and not the people you look up to on social media. Before attempting the burpee, learn the proper execution of the plank first.

Exercises for women mainly focus on the hips and the core, involving your abs and back. The mentioned muscles make up the powerhouse of a female body; hence strength training should be focused on the muscles.

Maintain form, 30 minutes a day is enough to keep you going. The exercises will shape your body, build your strengths and tone your muscles. At the same time, you will get to burn calories and shed off weight; who wouldn’t love that hourglass shape?