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Can Suffering From ED Ruin Your Relationship?

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At the beginning of a relationship, sex may be spontaneous and there may be no difficulty in maintaining your erection. However, once the immediate excitement wears off, and you are once again swallowed up by daily activities such as work, family visits, and household tasks, the passion is sometimes far to be found. This may lead to ED.

If you want the flame to catch fire again, you first have to learn that this does not happen by itself. You’re going to have to do something about it. Make time for each other and keep talking about the things you need to get excited about. You don’t want ED to ruin your relationship or compromise the relationship that you have. Many men use medications such as Sildenafil to assist them.

So it’s important that once you get to the root of the issue, that you address the problem correctly. Often medication and lifestyle changes will greatly help. However, if you fail to make this a priority, you could cause unrest within your relationship. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have several causes. There is something to be done about some of these, so it is advisable to talk about it with an expert. The erection problems can arise from physical or psychological causes. Certain diseases, medication use, neurological problems can have a major influence on erectile dysfunction.

Age can also play a role. Often the cause of erectile dysfunction lies psychologically. This may be because the man experiences a lot of stress, struggles with the fear of failure, or a negative self-image, due to tensions in the relationship that are not talked out.

Try to sort the problem out 

If the man has erectile dysfunction, a problem may arise. This causes a lot of stress for both partners. The man often feels ashamed, it is often felt as ‘incomplete’ as a man and starts to feel insecure or powerless.

As a woman, you might doubt yourself: are you attractive enough, are you doing something wrong? And both probably want to be intimate with each other, and miss that part of the relationship. Sex causes a discharge of energy and makes both partners feel closer together. If this is missing, tensions can easily arise, which require many of them to deal with.

So relationship problems often arise due to erectile dysfunction. Many people struggle with shame to discuss the problem or seek help. However, it is a problem that affects more people.  

Communicate often

Communication is vital if you want to get through it together. If you become dismissive of your partner’s feelings and the sex leaves the relationship, it can become stale. This has nothing to do with your love for them, but a physical or emotional problem that is coming from you.

Therefore, communication is key, so that your partner can learn to understand. If you both love each other, then you will be able to overcome the problem together. 

It is important to accept the erection problem. As a man, there’s no point in pressuring yourself or bringing yourself down. For the woman, it is useful to accept that it does not work for your partner and to be patient with him. Don’t forget your own needs, look together for how you can experience satisfaction and pleasure together. Tools can be a great help. It’s good to look at your relationship together, how it goes, and learn to talk frustrations out.

Also, continuing to focus on the positive things in the relationship and on what you value so much about each other can already help to be more relaxed on a physical level. You can also focus on other ways to get excited for a while. A psychologist, sexologist, or relationship expert can be a great help as well as using any medications that are recommended to you.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you continue to explore with each other in other ways. It doesn’t have to be based fully on sex. Or if you feel as if the relationship is failing due to the physical aspect, then use sex toys or other ways to pleasure each other without penetrative sex.

This way, you can learn more about each other and give yourself fully to the relationship during these difficult times. Your ED should not ruin a relationship and it doesn’t have to. Be aware of the problem, communicate well and keep the partner that you truly love.