digital marketing strategy-for construction companies

How To Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies

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Today, every business must have an online presence, including construction companies. Otherwise, your competition is sure to surpass you. You must develop and follow through with a solid digital marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about developing and implementing a new digital marketing strategy for your construction business. Let’s begin!

What To Keep in Mind When Making Your Strategy

Construction companies without an online presence don’t get nearly as much work as those that do. A solid plan will allow you to gain more exposure to potential customers, making it worthwhile.

Plus, many strategies are free to implement. For example, starting a social media account for your business costs nothing. Still, you will need to spend time working on your page.

A digital strategy makes finding you easier for those interested in your services. According to WebFX, 78% of people search for local businesses online multiple times every week. So, if you don’t have a website or social media page, those people won’t be able to find you.

How To Create a Construction Digital Marketing Strategy

However, it’s never too late to start and implement a new digital strategy! You can break down the work into chunks, making it more manageable.

If you follow these steps, you’re sure to see immediate results:

1. Start With Market Research

First, you’ll need to conduct some market research, which involves gathering and analyzing data in your market. So, you’d want to learn as much as possible about the construction industry’s market to build your strategy.

You’ll also want to know the difference between primary and secondary market research. Primary research is data you gather yourself, such as information from surveys and customer interviews. Secondary research involves reviewing data that someone else collected, such as a competitor in your field.

Here’s a quick guide to conducting market research:

1. Determine your research objective (aka. Your main goal). For a construction company seeking to build a customer base, you want your objective to be about learning more about your clients.

2. Conduct surveys and interviews to learn more about your audience.

3. Analyze the data. You’re looking for trends that show you what your customers want more of. Charts and graphs can make it easier to catch patterns.

4. Research what other construction companies are doing and what works for them. You’ll want to see what doesn’t work for them so you don’t make those mistakes.

After you’re confident you’ve gathered enough research data, you can move on to the next steps.

2. Determine Who Your Target Audience Is

You’ll want to use the research you did to narrow down your target audience. Once you have an audience in mind, creating digital content will become much easier to capture their attention.

Does your construction company serve residential or commercial clients? The answer can change your target demographic, making it crucial to consider.

It’s also worth noting that your target audience can change over time, so don’t feel like you will be stuck once you choose. Being flexible can significantly benefit your business.

3. Create a Construction Company Website

You should now have enough information to create a website for your construction company. You want to ensure you include all the following on your site:

• An about us page: Use this page to speak to your target audience. You want to let them know how qualified and talented your team is.

• A contact page: Potential clients will look for your contact information when they want to hire you or ask questions. Make sure it’s visible and easy to find on your home page.

• A reviews page: It’s good to have a place for potential clients to check reviews from those who’ve hired your team. Good reviews make your website more trustworthy.

• Offer a quote: You should also have a quote page. Clients will enjoy seeing the price of their projects before reaching out to you.

4. Post Local SEO Content on Your Site

You’ll also need a place to post content to your website. One of the best options is to have a blog where you can post answers to common questions. You can also focus on the services you offer.

The content that you post on your website should be local SEO-focused. Local SEO makes it easier for potential clients to find you when they search for construction companies online. If your page ranks well, they’ll see you before you see your competition, giving you an advantage.

Here are a few tips to increase your website’s local SEO:

1. Use your keywords in the page’s URL.
2. Create posts with the keyword and natural, informative content.
3. Use a concise meta description.
4. Use images with alt text.

SEO-based content can include more than just blog posts. It can also be videos and images that you post online. You’ll need to experiment and find what your target audience responds to the best.

5. Make a Social Media Page

Having a social media page for your construction company is also good. People will react to and share your content, which can help spread brand awareness. Your profile can also link to your company website, helping more people find information on your services.

Interacting with your audience also makes it easier to build a positive reputation with those living in your area. Plus, you can use local SEO practices to ensure your profile remains at the top of search engines.

6. Check Your Google Business Profile

Lastly, you’ll want to check your Google Business Profile from time to time. Having one makes it much easier for people to find you online. Plus, they can reach out to your company through the site when they have questions or want to learn more about your services.

A Google Business Profile allows you to show up in a search engine’s results if someone searches “construction companies near me,” making it highly worthwhile. With a profile in place, you’ll show up on their map, where GPS can guide them to you.

Be Flexible With Your Strategy

As your construction company grows and changes, so should your digital marketing strategy. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself spending more time working on writing local SEO content; other times, you’ll be reaching out to potential customers through social media and email.

Remaining flexible can help your digital presence grow, so don’t be afraid to change your plans when you need to.