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The Difference Between Doc Scanner Apps For Samsung And iPhone

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The development of digital technology has reduced a lot of physical products. One of the best developments is mobile-based scanning technology, which has reduced the requirement for scanners. These scanners are‌ available for both Samsung and iOS-based mobile phones.

There are many options available for Samsung and iOS-based platforms with handy functionalities, along with the scanning procedure. Developers built these advanced applications with intelligent technology that allows you to scan and make alterations according to your needs.

But before scanning a document, you must understand the primary difference between photo and document-based scanning applications.

The Primary Difference Between Scanner Apps For Samsung And iPhone

Both are scanning applications, but internally they have a slight variation.

So, selecting a document-based scanning app enhances the document’s contrast and saturation to improve the text clarity and make it a perfect file for submission.

But when you choose a photo-based scanner app, the color is enhanced, and the images appear clear. Other enhancement options in these apps allow you to alter the clarity according to your vision and convert PDFs to docs. If you are searching for the best document scanner app for iPhone and Samsung, consider the list below. These are some apps many people have reviewed and found good.

6 Best Scanner Apps In The Current Market

Below is the list of the best scanning apps for mobile which you can download in your play store app. They’re reliable, and you can use them to create beautiful and clear scans of your documents and images.

1. Microsoft Lens

If you are a fan of the Microsoft product, then you can select this app, Microsoft lens. It allows you to scan the document with the utmost clarity and quality. Further, it has advanced filters enabling you to scan many documents, including a business card for printing and vi board applications.

Since it has the latest optical character recognition feature, it can recognize multiple types of text and handwritten messages. Hence, you can easily edit it and copy it for future usage. It also has other advanced features, like trimming and editing features.

2. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is one of the most popular scanner applications people use. Similar to the previous app, it also accepts many documents and notes. With this app, you can scan and edit for future usage. It has a sharp appearance, and you have the facility to convert the document into multiple other formats like PDF and TFT files.

The app also comes with free 10GB cloud storage and high-resolution features. Additionally, it has a free subscription for a few days, after which you can opt for premium services.

3. Adobe Scan

You might also like this software if you are familiar with Adobe applications like Photoshop and Acrobat Reader (document opener).

Adobe Scan can capture many documents and convert them into PDF formats‌. It also offers conversion into other formats like JPG and text files.

There is a monthly subscription. The subscription includes free 20GB cloud storage and a PowerPoint standing Facility.

4. Swift Scan

This app uses a unique scanning technology that scans documents and QR codes.

If you are looking for a document scanner with advanced features, this app has the OCR ability. Further, you can integrate the application to advance the cloud services for upload and download.

Installing the premium version will provide you with advanced features like unlimited scans and electronic signatures. It also removes the watermarks from scanned documents.

5. Genius Scan

If you are looking for a scanning app for mobile that is compatible with both Samsung and iOS, then Genius Scan is a good option. You can scan docs with features like automated scanning and conversion.

The best part? This app requires minimal intervention and has user-friendly features. Furthermore, the app also has a premium version, but the basic version is enough for most people.

You can also integrate it with other external cloud services for storage and better facilities.

6. Evernote Scannable

This scanner App will benefit you if you are a fan of Advanced Evernote applications. You can use it to convert PDFs to Docs and scan many files. It captures whiteboard data and documents with accuracy.

It also has automated functions that process the file and keep it ready with minimal intervention. You can scan your data, and the complete file will be cropped and sent to you immediately. It also contains cloud integration features that allow you to save the data for future uses.

This application has an intuitive interface that makes it easier for the user despite the knowledge of the app.


We hope this article clarifies the difference between doc scanner apps for Samsung and iPhone.

Instead of taking the documents to a scanner shop, you can sit at your home and install one of these advanced applications on your Samsung and iOS phones to scan your documents and photos.

When installing a smartphone doc scanner, try out a free version and then upgrade to the premium. Install a scanning app for mobile that suits your requirement and enjoy scanning from your home.