delta 8 edibles versus flowers

Delta 8 Edibles Versus Flowers: Which Is Better?

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Cannabis products have taken the world by storm in the last years, when more products have been created in different forms, from edibles to vapes and oils. It became known for numerous health benefits, from reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and treating anxiety disorders. So, it was the perfect solution for when the pandemic struck the planet and people felt more anxious and depressed than ever.

Luckily, these products have been found by scientists to be safe, which is why one of the cannabis-related products is now part of a medicine used to treat epilepsy (Epidiolex). But with so many benefits, which one of the products is better in terms of efficiency and safety? We’ll find out in this article when we’ll compare Delta 8 edible products to flowers.

What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is just one of cannabis’ natural chemical components. Other major compounds are CBD and Delta-9 THC, which differ from the THC element. Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for most of the plant’s psychological effects, which is why some compounds are stronger than others.

In smaller doses, THC can only help release dopamine and create euphoria, which is harmless. Still, it’s important not to be consumed along with other medications because you don’t know how these chemicals will interfere, so talking with your doctor first is advisable. Sometimes, medical staff can recommend cannabis for preventing nausea and vomiting associated with cancer and increasing appetite for people with AIDS.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Delta 8?

According to multiple verified sources, Delta 8 has not been tested as much as CBD, but that’s about to change in the future because this component can:

• Relieve pain
• Help you relax
Boost appetite
Boost mental health
Calm nausea

Some people are allowed by their doctors to use Delta 8 next with their prescribed medication to help with depression and substance use. Given that it’s less likely to give you the “high” feeling when taking smaller doses, its popularity has risen among consumers, which are demanding more products containing it. You can find oils, edibles, vapes, flowers, cremes, and lotions with Delta-8, so let’s find out which are better. 

Delta 8 Edibles

There are a few types of edibles, but most of them are food products containing Delta 8 as an active ingredient. Premium organic Delta-8 gummies are best, containing all-natural and organic ingredients, so it’s best to choose those when searching for Delta-8 edibles.  But you can also find infused drinks. Consuming them in this form takes longer for the component to kick in and digest, and the effects might peak up to a few hours after consumption.

So, if you want to try edibles, know that you can find baked goods, candy, potato chips, and more with Delta 8, and for drinks, there’s coffee, tea, and soda.

Some products are more potent than others only because they’re taken differently. For example, gums and lollipops may kick in faster because you’re absorbing them sublingually, while chewable products are absorbed through the digestive system and, therefore, take longer to show results. But it highly depends on your diet, metabolism, weight and tolerance to Delta 8.

The recommended dosage is about 10 mg per serving, but you must carefully read the label to ensure you’re not taking too much by mistake (especially when trying for the first time).

Other benefits of edibles include:

• No respiratory risk
• Longer duration
Higher accessibility
Discreet consumption  

Delta 8 Flowers

If you want to take Delta 8 the old-school way, you can try flowers, which are easy to use and consume for medicinal or relaxation purposes. The benefit here is that it’s easier to measure the right quantity for you with a basic food scale. Some say that the effects might be faster than in edibles because then you’re ingesting the smoke, but it highly depends.

There’s also the option for pre-packaged flowers, which reduces the risk of contamination by mold and mildew. This way, you benefit more from the flower’s freshness, and you’ll save time preparing your product at home.

Smoking Delta 8 can also help you quit smoking cigarettes while helping you feel better by decreasing the anxiety and stress that is usually causing people to smoke nicotine.

Alternatives To Delta 8: CBD

If you’re at the beginning of the cannabis journey, you could try CBD, which has non-psychoactive properties, meaning that you won’t feel any “high” sensations because the component has no THC. Scientists could explore the compound’s benefits more, and because CBD is legal almost anywhere, you can also find many products containing it, like Delta 8. 

Here, CBD oil is the most effective because you’re putting drops under the tongue so that you can experience these health benefits:

• Reduced chronic, nerve, back pain and even treated pain related to multiple sclerosis and arthritis;
• Decreased symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD, depression, and bipolar disorder;
Alleviated cancer-related symptoms, from nausea and pain to decreased appetite;
Better heart health, helping people with high blood pressure;
Possible life extension for people with glioblastoma;
Sleep improvement;
Treatment for substance abuse.

Pure CBD is the safest among mixed products, so you need to do thorough research when purchasing your products. When shopping, it would be best to have a base knowledge of:

• The different types of CBD products
• CBD extracts (isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum)
CBD concentrations
The amount of THC added to the final product

With both Delta 8 and CBD, you should look for organically made products from certified farms and producers, so you’ll start by knowing that the product is legit and safe. Don’t be fooled by products on the internet that seem cheaper because they might be illegally produced and distributed and, therefore, not safe for you.

Wrapping Up

Delta 8 is among the most popular and used components of cannabis, and it has plenty of benefits for your physical and mental health. Like with any other product, it’s best to talk with your doctor first to see if it doesn’t interfere with your other treatments and look only for certified and trusted sources for purchasing. 

It’s difficult to say which products are better because it depends on what you need to achieve from consuming them. Between edibles and flowers, it’s up to you to choose from.