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How Delivery Vans Can Make Valuable Marketing Tools for Business: A Guide

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Marketing is an integral part of any business’s projected success. A solid and effective marketing strategy is multi-faceted, encompassing various elements across the scope of your provision. A delivery van is a useful marketing tool, and there are plenty of options to explore. This guide takes a look at how delivery vans are valuable marketing tools, and different ways to utilise them.

The Best Ways To Use Delivery Vans For Marketing

With so many options to explore in this area, this guide has selected the best ones for you to consider.

1. Use your delivery fleet to showcase your company by van wrapping.
2. Run a promotion on social media.
3. Create a relationship with a local company through networking and helping each other advertise.
4. Use personalised number plates to enhance the overall effect.
5. Create an active networking strategy with the delivery vehicle.

Van Wrapping

Van wrapping is one of the most common marketing methods for delivery vehicles. This is the art of putting an image onto a vehicle so that people see it when you are driving around or parked up on a job (or at home). It is a way of producing constant advertisement for your company. Lots of credible graphic designers and vehicle specialists offer these services, and you can even find a local company to create a mutually beneficial transaction with.

Top Tips

If you opt for the van wrapping route, there are some things to take note of before you agree on the final design. If you get it wrong, the impact will be lost and it will render the whole process ineffective.

Be On Brand

Establishing a consistent brand is essential for any business. When displaying it on visible assets such as a delivery van, it has to be consistent with all other marketing from your company. The font, the colours, and the logo should be exactly as they are on your website, social profile, and in-person.

Eye Catching But Neutral

Be flashy, but understated. This advice seems contrary, yet it works. The aim is to grab attention, but people will be put off by garish, over-facing graphics. Keep the wording to a minimum and opt instead for impactful phrasing that is short and snappy.

Don’t Forget The Contact Information

Let people know how they can get in touch with you. There is an opportunity here that is often missed. Displaying contact information in an easy to find place on the overall design is the most direct way for people to make further enquiries.

A phone number or business email are the two most obvious, but consider adding a social media tag so they can find you online as well. People like multi-channel communication options, and not everyone has the confidence to pick up the phone. Make it easier for clients by providing a business email rather than a personal one, as this will keep things better organised.

Personalised Features

If you don’t yet have a personalised registration for the vehicle, it is worth the investment for multiple reasons and this is your sign to purchase one. When you have found the ideal plate, all you have to do is register it online and pay the fee.

You can then take the official certificate to a manufacturer and let the magic happen. It is essential to use a credible, verified manufacturer to source your plate, like these private number registration plates by Regtransfer so that the product adheres to all the required legalities.

Marketing Promotions

Whether you use your own van or pay to advertise your company on someone else’s, for example, through a sponsorship route or an external third party marketing contract, there is an opportunity for exploring promotions either way. Here are a few ideas worth implementing.

Spot The Van On Social Media Promotion

Social media is an invaluable tool. One guaranteed method for stirring up interest and getting clients personally invested in your business is to create a buzz on your social platform.

• Feature the delivery van with your logo clearly displayed in a daily post. Tell people where it is and what you’re doing.

• Offer up a prize like a discount or free session for the first person to snap a picture and post it to your page.

• Encourage people to like and share the van image on their personal account with the promise of a return such as a prize. This could be a hamper, a day out on the company, a voucher for a local business (mutually beneficial), or a simple discount on services.

When people share your post, it immediately gets a wider reach and therefore an increase in engagement. This is a simple marketing tool, but an incredibly useful one nonetheless. Remember to check up on your engagement statistics to see where there is room for improvement and tips on how to enable wider visibility.

Attending Festivals And Events

Another way to put the van in the public eye is to attend larger scale events and park up. Vans with logos and images are more eye-catching and a proven, natural way of increasing the profile of your business. You could try it out at something low key such as a car boot in the local area, and from there find alternative options like festivals and big events like country fairs or funfairs.

Travelling To Networking Events

Creating networking connections with other businesses is another way to use a delivery van in the context of marketing. Attend as many events are you feel able to and make sure your van is there with you.

The Importance Of Networking

It is worth noting that networking is extremely important for any business, regardless of how small or big it may be. There are three key reasons to support this fact.

One: To Forge Connections In Your Industry And Beyond

Creating organic connections in your industry will create routes for innovation, promotion, and mutual schemes. Whether it is a local business or a bigger corporation, it is always worth exploring all your options. Local businesses especially need ways to get their brand into the public sphere. There could be new, more profitable supplier relationships to be found, or a company to create a competition with, with a view to sharing and growing client bases.

Two: To Gain Recognition And Showcase Your Profile

Your business profile is how people perceive your brand in the world. To stand out, you need a solid image that people will remember and relate to. This is a valuable method for showing off who you are and what you do to a target audience.

Three: To Acquire New Knowledge

A business is limited when the owner does not expand their knowledge. Don’t be stunted in your growth, and use networking channels to generate fresh ideas, new techniques, and helpful interactions.

Delivery vans are arguably one of the most impactful marketing tools when used correctly. Put the van in the eye line of potential clients and get people involved using the various methods listed in the guide above. Whether you have a whole fleet at your disposal or a single vehicle, there are guaranteed ways to increase exposure and therefore create new sale leads.