data grid from handsontable

How Data Grid from Handsontable May Help You at Work?

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Data Presentation with React Data Grid

A React data grid by Handsontable is a perfect solution for companies that need a tool for data visualization.

First of all, it has a wide choice of options for sorting and filtering, with the possibility of creating comments and generating column summaries. These features make the work with data highly flexible.

Secondly, unlike regular HTML tables or spreadsheets, a React data grid offered by Handsontable supports live updates. It is particularly convenient for applications designed to show dynamic modifications in data, for example, live changes in asset values.

On top of that, the Handsontable data grid can be styled according to your preferences. Developers can easily apply heavy styling to such a data grid and adjust its appearance to the rest of your website or application.

Working with Massive Data Sets

A crucial advantage of Handsontable is its capability to work with large data sets without impaired performance.

It is achieved with the help of row and column virtualization. Instead of handling all the information of the data collection at once, it processes only the records lying within the displayed area of the table. Whenever you scroll up or down, left or right, you will see the previously hidden records coming to the visible area. At the same time, your application will not be overwhelmed without a need to process all of that data at a time.

Row and column virtualization ensure your data grid is lightweight and not resource-consuming even if you are working with rather large sets of records.

Data Grid with Spreadsheet Functionality

The standard functionality of data grids is limited by data visualization. Yet, many enterprises are looking for a powerful tool that will also allow them to perform calculations. This functionality is preserved for spreadsheets, which are, in turn, less powerful when it comes to data presentation.

The React data grid by Handsontable is an exception. Its features can be extended with the use of HyperFormula, another product released by the same team.

HyperFormula can be used with the Handsontable data grid as well as any other data grid written in JavaScript or one of its popular frameworks. HyperFormula will turn your data grid into a massive tool for calculation providing you with hundreds of ready-to-use formulas and the possibility to create your own.

With its help, you will be able to perform statistical, financial, engineering and many other types of calculations. It can be a strong foundation for creating smart documents, scientific notebooks and other advanced applications and websites.