create better visuals for your social media pages

How To Create Better Visuals For Your Social Media Pages

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Keeping your social media followers engaged can be challenging, considering how much content they see daily. To stand out, you need a vision and the right tools to transform that vision into eye-catching, memorable content that convinces followers to stop the scroll. Visual content has a greater impact than written content due to the fast-paced nature of the digital environment. Focusing most of your creativity on visuals is thus essential.

How to create better visuals for your social media pages? Read on to discover a few helpful tips.

Create Mood Boards

Whether you’re an influencer or want to market your small business, your brand needs a coherent visual identity. Followers must find it easy to understand what you have to offer. Before creating new visual content, take the time to think about what you want to express. Do you want to entertain, surprise, or provide information? Do you want to convey humor or an aura of professionalism?

An effective way to define your goals is to create mood boards. Include ideas, color palettes, images, symbols, and words that align with your brand. These boards should serve you as inspiration as you seek to create new content.

Browse Stock Photo Libraries For Inspiration

Stock photo libraries contain millions of images. No matter what image or concept you have in mind, you will probably find a representation on a stock photo site. Whether you need an actual image or are just looking for inspiration, these websites are a valuable resource.

The best part is that many stock photography sites offer royalty-free photos and allow the users to use the files however they see fit. You may need to mention to source when uploading a free stock photo to your social media pages.

Learn To Use Editing Tools

Many small businesses, influencers, and other people with a big online following create stunning visuals using dedicated digital tools exclusively. Only large companies can afford to pay graphic designers or professional photographers to create original content from scratch. This means you can find any tool you may need for creating stunning visuals online.

Learning to use editing tools can save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the long term. What are your most common editing needs? The most important thing to know is that you don’t have to waste time with manual adjustments. Do you need to remove the background from an image? Vista Create has a great background removal tool that provides fast results.

Editing and content creation tools can help you go a step further with your visual content, so find the tools that can improve your workflow.

Learn The Art Of Combining Colors

Many content creators make the mistake of overwhelming the viewer with bold colors, exaggerated contrasts, and too many details. Standing out is imperative, but visual clutter is a real problem, and online users are sensitive to it due to being constantly exposed to stimuli.

An excellent way to improve your visual content is to learn more about the art of combining colors. The most important tip is to use a color wheel to find pairs of complementary colors. Two colors work best together if they’re on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Whether you’re sharing logos, infographics, memes, abstract photography, or any other type of visual content, make sure the colors are not tiring or overwhelming. The best visual is one that’s easy to understand, so keep it simple.

Adapt Your Visual Strategy For Each Platform

Coherence is a top rule when it comes to creating visual content. It means having a few identifying markers such as colors or themes that followers can associate with your brand. Coherence does not mean using the same visuals everywhere on the Internet. Each social media platform attracts a different audience with different expectations, so visuals that become viral on Facebook may go unnoticed on TikTok or Instagram.

To ensure your work receives attention, adapt your visual strategy for each social media site. Changing size and format is the first important rule. However, changing the tone or the theme can also bring great results. Learning more about your audience on each platform will help you boost engagement with the right visuals.

Final Words

Social media is a game-changer when it comes to brand visibility. With engaging content, you can build a community, find loyal fans and followers, and sell more products or services. So, find the right tools and resources to create visuals that match your vision.