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Understanding the Crucial Role Played by Construction Site Accident Attorneys

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If you work at a construction site, you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Think of the amount of physical exertion the job puts on your body. How about the projects you carry out from high heights and the heavy machinery you use? Perhaps sometimes you’re required to work beside busy roadways. If this sounds like the nature of your job, then you’re prone to construction site injuries and need to protect yourself by knowing the right legal actions to take in case of an accident.

Why You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer

Maybe your construction company has assured you that they’ll cover your medical expenses in case you encounter an accident at work. So, if that’s the case, you probably think you won’t be needing a construction accident lawyer. However, what if the injuries you suffer on the construction site are due to the negligence of another construction company? Are you aware that your employer is not obligated to cater to your medical expenses if this happens? Who would protect your well-being, then?

If you had a construction site accident lawyer, they would ensure you get fair compensation for your damages. Below are some ways a construction site attorney would advocate for your rights and assist you.

Helping You Understand Which Laws Apply to Your Case

The best part about dealing with an attorney after a construction site accident is that they’ll know which claim you’re entitled to based on the circumstances of your injuries. For example, let’s say you get hurt while working for your employer, and you’re legally registered as a non-exempt employee. In this case, you’ll likely be eligible for a worker’s compensation claim, meaning that your company’s insurance will cover your medical care and a partial amount of your lost wages.

However, you won’t be eligible for a worker’s compensation claim if a different company or individual is responsible for your construction site accident. Instead, your attorney will recommend you pursue a personal injury claim. If your injuries result from faulty machinery, your lawyer can find the manufacturer of the machine and help you file an insurance claim against the company.

Advising You Whether to Settle or Go to Court

A construction site advocate will help you decide whether settling for a lump sum payment is beneficial for you. If you need the money urgently and don’t want to go through the hustle of court proceedings, then settling may be in your best interest. However, once you accept the payment, you won’t be able to go back and sue the company for more damages in the future. Therefore, the construction accident lawyer must ensure you get the best possible deal out of the settlement so you won’t regret it later.

Identifying the Responsible Parties in Your Accident

There are scenarios where both your employer and a different construction company are equally at fault for your accident at work. For example, let’s say your construction company purchases a piece of defective machinery and does not return it immediately after realizing it’s faulty. If the company suggests you can use the defective machinery in the meantime, they would be acting negligent.

If you sustain injuries from using defective equipment in this case, you can file a claim against the manufacturer and your company. This scenario means that both companies will have to compensate you because of their liability. Therefore, ensure that you work with a construction accident attorney that will hold all parties accountable for your injuries.

Hire a Construction Site Attorney Today

Construction site accident cases can be difficult to handle without the help of a lawyer. Luckily, many established professionals in the field can help you navigate these complex scenarios. Whether it’s confirming you have the right paperwork, compellingly presenting your evidence in court, or seeking good negotiation terms for your settlement, construction site accident lawyers have you covered.