computer to comfortably play destiny 2

What Kind Of Computer Do You Need To Comfortably Play Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is a continuation of the cult shooter about the distant future in the MMO RPG genre. All projects in which many players are involved are especially demanding on computer parameters. The load falls immediately on all elements of the system, so in this guide we will tell you what a PC should be in order to pull the game at maximum settings or close to them.

It is worth considering not only the farm and mass raids, but also the PVP mode of Trial of Osiris and Flavless. This is a team-on-team confrontation where the winner accumulates a series of victories to receive legendary equipment and weapons that change depending on the season.

If you are unable to accumulate 7 victories in a row to get a weapon, then you can apply for the destiny flawless carry service to a special service – a group of professional players will take you on a team and are guaranteed to win the required number of times in a row to get you the best reward of the season.

What PC settings should I pay attention to?

• Video card
• SSD drive
• Monitor


The speed of information processing and the minimization of friezes and FPS drawdowns from heavy loads depend on the processor.

It is worth choosing from the series intended for games and preferably the latest generation models.

From the Intel series, i5, i7 will suit you, or if you have enough finances i9. It is not worth chasing an expensive processor strongly, since more expensive models differ in processing power, which is not particularly disclosed in games.

The ideal option would be an i7 from Intel, or a 7 series processor from Ryzen. I5 is also suitable, but it will become obsolete earlier, i3 and 3 series processors are not considered in general, since they are already quite weak for games and are often used for office equipment and weak games.


Freedom of action in games and with work in the system depends very much on RAM. It is closely related to the processor and allows you to unlock the potential of the system.

Modern games like Destiny 2 require at least 8 GB of RAM. In general, the industry has long moved away from 4 GB of RAM, since it is sorely lacking even for modern operating systems, not to mention games.

The ideal setup is 16 or 32 GB of RAM. If possible, choose DDR5, as a newer and faster technology, and have several strips that will generally give 16 or 32 GB, and not two. Individual sticks from the same manufacturer will deliver more performance than two or one. Roughly speaking, the ideal option is 4 bars of 8 GB each, then 2 of 16 GB.

Video card

The video sequence is the most important part for games, but it only works in conjunction with a good processor and RAM.

The video card allows you to set high and ultra settings and set up a lot of pleasant little things that will improve the picture as a whole. The same RTX, or ray tracing.

It is worth considering video cards not lower than the 3000 series, since the 1000 series quickly becomes obsolete and initially cannot afford higher than average settings. For good and ultra settings, look at the 3000 series and the TI console, although they are expensive due to the scarcity and high level of mining, they are durable and you will enjoy the best games at top settings for several years.

SSD Drive

The technology is no longer new, but the SSD drive can significantly speed up data processing time, which allows you to quickly load all the materials of online games and more.

SSDs are external, internal and built into the motherboard.

Inserted into the motherboard are the fastest – the system will boot in a few seconds, and enemies and locations will be lightning fast.

The advantage of SSD is that you will always have an advantage in online games against players with a weaker system. You already see them and attack them, and they die without even having time to load – some manufacturers, precisely because of such complaints, introduced invulnerability after teleportation before the first movement.

External and internal SSDs are inferior in speed, but not significantly – everything will load in the same seconds, but instead of 3-4, it will be 6–13 seconds, depending on the company and the bandwidth of the purchased SSD drive.


To choose a good gaming monitor, you need to stick to three parameters:

• Matrix
• Hertz
Screen extension


OLED or IPS – IPS is cheaper and not much inferior in color reproduction. The minus in the distortion of the picture when viewed from the side does not affect us, since 90% of the time you will look directly at the monitor.


An important parameter responsible for the smoothness of the picture during sudden movements. For games, we are interested in a monitor in the range of 120-144 Hz. This is enough to unleash the potential of most games and not spend all the money in the world.