comparison guide for prs guitars

A Comparison Guide for the Best PRS Guitars

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PRS guitars, also known as Paul Reed Smith Guitars, are one of the most celebrated and recognized guitar brands in the world. They have proved themselves as reliable, innovative, and ambitious and continue to put out amazing guitar models.

As the years have gone by, PRS has become more diverse, putting out new guitars in a variety of different price ranges and for different purposes. In this guide, we will compare the best PRS guitars for your convenience.

1. SE Series

SE was created to be a very affordable option while simultaneously being very meticulously and artistically designed. The price of the SE series ranges from £400 to around £1000. 

SE stands for “student edition,” and that is why its price range is a particularly accessible one considering the popularity of the company. It is aimed at beginners and intermediate guitar learners, but don’t be fooled by its marketing; still, to this day, SE guitars are used by seasoned professionals, too, meaning it is an impeccably good guitar series.

Their construction has been said to be extremely brilliant and flawless, with a great sound feel, so don’t get fooled by its price; this is an extremely impressive guitar series.

2. S2 Series

S2 means “Stevensville 2″ as it was first made in their Stevensville branch, albeit its second manufacturing line. S2 has the reputation of being innovative by combining brand new manufacturing methods with amazing craftsmanship and quality control. The price range of S2 is from £900 to £2000.

S2 series guitars have an amazing sounding humbucker and single-coil tones all in a single guitar due to their advanced electronics systems. The designs for this guitar range from core model designs all the way to special custom-made retro-inspired designs.

3. Bolt-On Series

One of the unique types of PRS guitars, the bolt-on series provides the amazing PRS quality that many happy customers will be used to, but it also has the additional glamour of the traditional bolt-on guitars.

These guitars are very comfortable and look very aesthetically pleasing. The bolt-on neck construction really sets these guitars apart, and its price range is from £1500 to £3000.

4. Core Series

The core series is an extremely special series as it brings back the guitar designs that date back all the way when the company first started off, and Paul Smith started his production line in 1985.

These are the heart and soul of the PRS company as they represent the essence of all its guitars. The price range of this line is extremely steep, starting from about £3500!

5. Private Stock Series

The holy grail of the PRS guitar series! The private stock guitar series was set in the Stevensville, Maryland factory of PRS to make the most unique and special guitars for special requests.

These are custom-made and made with a “one-off” mentality and are also made from the highest quality products that PRS have on hand. These are truly unique and one of a kind, hence its price range varies, but you can imagine that it costs a lot!


PRS guitars are some of the best that the world has to offer. They are always searching for new ideas while simultaneously keeping sound and comfort in mind. You can never go wrong with a PRS guitar, and we hope you’re more familiar with them now.