commercial grade led parking lot lights

A Buying Guide On Commercial Grade LED Parking Lot Lights

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If you are a business owner or maintenance manager, or even a landlord, you must know the importance of proper commercial parking lot lights. When it comes to the purchasing option, you may get bamboozled with lots of options. In this piece of article, you will be acquainted with the proper buying guide on commercial grade LED parking lot lights. Stick to this article and make sure to know all the details.

Why are LEDs the best commercial parking lot lights?

You may already use a lot of old lighting fixtures in your commercial parking areas. Changing lights or bulbs seemed easier to you. But when you will give a try to LED commercial lights, you will understand that you have missed lots of long-term benefits for your commercial parking lot area.

Here are some of those best benefits which you should take into account. 

Cost-effective option for illuminating a commercially parking area

If you want to give a whole new look to your parking lot with a commercial grade LED lighting fixture as you can view on Lepro, it may take a little more investment but it really worth it. Because the initial cost may be higher but then there is no more maintenance cost or any other cost for these LED lights. 

Higher energy efficiency

LED parking lot lights are 70% more energy efficient than any other lighting fixture from previous generations. To take this efficiency to the next level, it’s crucial to pair these advanced LED fixtures with the right drivers. The product guide on Meanwell XLG series LED drivers is a valuable resource for achieving optimal energy savings. These drivers are designed to complement LED lighting solutions, ensuring that the power supplied to the fixtures is precisely controlled, resulting in maximum energy efficiency.

Better light quality

LED lights are well known for THD (total harmonic distortion). These lights provide high graded illumination and better quality light without any flicker or buzz. 

Long lifespan

LED lights are known to have a long lifespan compared to any other lighting fixture. Usually, the lifetime of a LED light is 10000 hours. So, there will be no need to change the light very often. 

Assurance of the safety measures

LED lighting is also a safer option to use in any commercial parking lot area. 

Now when you are already acquainted with their benefits, you should know how to pick up the best LED lights for commercial parking lots. Don’t worry because we have covered you with our detailed buyer’s guide for commercial parking lot LED lights.

Buyer’s guide on commercial grade LED parking lot lights

Kelvin color to choose for the parking lot area

LED lights are available in various colors. The 3000K is warm white while the 4000K is the natural white light. Another one is 5000K which is warm white light. For using in the commercial parking lot area, the most suitable one can be the 4000K or 5000K. 

Types of parking lot LED light mounting

LED light mounting is available in various styles. But some most popular mounting systems are Slip Fit mounting, Arm mounting, Flood mounting, and Yoke mounting. You have to choose the style beforehand so that it will be easier to choose the plan of lighting for the commercial grade LED parking lot lights.

Photocell LED light

Photocell is a sensor that is used in lots of commercial places like parking lot. This sensor is used for an automated switch of or on the system for lighting. Photocells can be used in commercial grade LED lighting because they will help to save more energy.

The wattage of parking lot LED lights

While choosing the right wattage for commercial grade LED parking lot lights, you need to keep an eye on the below chart.

  • 15 Watt LEDs > 55 watts 
  •  30 Watt LEDs > 105 watts
  • 50 Watt LEDs > 175 watts
  • 70 Watt LEDs > 245 watts
  • 100 Watt LEDs > 350 watts
  • 150 Watt LEDs > 524 watts 
  • 200 Watt LEDs > 700 watts
  • 240 Watt LEDs > 840 watts
  • 300 Watt LEDs > 1050 watts

The final words

We hope this comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you to make a purchase of the best commercial grade parking lot LED lights. These lights are the perfect choice for their various benefits like energy-efficient, cost-saving, easy-to-install, and maintenance. So, start illuminating your parking lots with these LED lights.