choosing the best flute tips

A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Best Flute: Tips to Consider

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Purchasing a flute for the first time can feel overwhelming. You don’t wish to make the wrong choice. Second, there are numerous models, makes, and types of flutes in the market. These varieties also have varying prices. However, there is nothing to worry about. We created a list to help beginners choose the perfect new flute.

Research Brands

Different brands are making and selling flutes in the market. Therefore, when looking for a flute for sale, gather all the information about different brands and how their flutes differ. So, whether you are a player or a teacher, researching is good to help you choose the perfect flute.

Don’t Go for Cheap

You must avoid buying cheap flutes. Flutes are sold in supermarkets, marketplaces, or high street shops and are not always the best. We advise avoiding buying them. Even though flutes have improved, some are still of poor quality. So, always choose a branded flute since it is always the best. Cheap flutes may be difficult to play, even for pros. Therefore, ensure you have enough money to buy a branded flute for a decent sound.

Stick to Traditional Flutes

There are numerous types of flutes, from E mechanism to open holes, C# trill keys, and more. Therefore, a beginner should start with a flute with closed holes, a C footjoint, and an E mechanism. A traditional flute is easier to play, and you can resell it at a good price when you advance to a pro flute.

Buy a Beginner Flute

All flutes are not created for any player. Some are made for newbies, while advanced players can only understand others. Therefore, as a beginner, find a flute made for newbies. It will be easy to play, lightweight, and can withstand bumps and knocks. Remember, professional flutes are designed for people with advanced skills who have been playing flutes for a while. Therefore, their features are different and more complex than beginner flutes.

Go for Quality Brand

As mentioned, always go for branded flutes. However, that does not mean going for any brand since not all produce high-quality flutes. Many flutes, especially the old models, have been around for long. Go for high-quality brands if you want a flute to serve you for the longest time possible. Find an instrument that will serve you for years and allow you to enjoy playing it.

Pick the Right Size

In most cases, flutes have almost the same size, with the main difference coming from their shapes. You can buy a flute with curved headjoints since it has reduced stretch and the keys are closer to you. A curved headjoint flute protects your neck and back, preventing back pain and bad posture. Therefore, find the right size for a comfortable posture. You could also get a mini flute for a player aged between 5 and 7.


These are simple tips to help you pick the best beginner flute. Always research site like flute for sale before buying, and never compromise on quality. Cheap flutes don’t stay around for long. So, go for something valuable to enjoy its use for a long time.