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Chicken Names: Amazing Ideas for Naming Your Flock

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Finding the right chicken names for your flock can be a difficult task, especially since there are so many chicken names to choose from. To be able to pick a name that perfectly matches your chicken’s personality, you need to be aware of the various names available and their meanings.

In this article, you will learn about the most popular chicken names and some incredible ideas for naming your flock.

Popular Chicken Names to Consider

Popular Chicken Names to Consider

#1. Funny Chicken Names

Since chickens are funny and delightful creatures, you should give them funny names. Here are some of the funniest chicken names that you can choose for your backyard flock. Some of these names are inspired by celebrities, puns, and chickens.

• Peter Piper — This name has been inspired by the song “Peter Piper” by Bryant Oden, which is a children’s song.

• Albert Eggstein — This is the name of a Willow Collin’s chicken that was adopted in the 5th season of Rags to Riches.

• Amelia Egghart — The name is related to one of the oldest jokes in the book. This joke involves a chicken owner from North Carolina who trained his chicken named Amelia Egghart to laugh at a classic joke titled “why did the chicken cross the road”. The chicken couldn’t contain her laughter.

• Attila the Hen — This is a nickname of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher.

• Big Bird — This is the name given to a Muppet character in the famous PBS/HBO kids’ television series Sesame Street. He was an 8ft 2-inch tall bright yellow anthropomorphic bird who could do roller skate, ice skate, swim, draw, and do many other things.

• Chicken Little — This name comes from a popular American computer-animated science-fiction comedy film released in 2005. The film features a character named Chicken Little who saves the world from destruction.

• Chikira — This is a person’s name meaning “wind”.

• Chick Norris — This chicken name is inspired by the famous American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris.

• Cluck Rogers — This is the name of a popular fast-food restaurant in Carrollwood, Florida. It is known for its delicious fried chicken.

• Colonel Sanders — This is the name of a popular American businessman who founded one of the most successful fast-food chicken restaurants in America known as the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

• Dixie Chick — This name refers to the popular American country music band The Chicks. The band, which was composed of three female singers, was previously called Dixie Chicks.

• Egghead — In American slang, this name refers to intellectuals and people who are considered to be out of touch with ordinary people and lacking in realism.

#2. Cute Chicken Names

Of course, chickens are cute animals that deserve cute names. Here are some cute chicken names that you should consider for your flock.

• Diva — This name refers to a celebrated female opera singer or a self-important female who is temperamental and difficult to please.

• Coco — This name was inspired by a popular American computer-animated fantasy film.

• Crackle — This is the name of a popular video streaming platform owned by Chicken Soup for Soul entertainment.

• Cosmo — This is a British and Italian male family name and given name. It means order, beauty, or decency.

• Little Red — This name comes from a European fairy tale about a little girl and a big bad wolf. The origin of this folklore dates back to the 17th century.

• Jewel — This is the name of a renowned American songwriter and actress, who has won several Grammy Award nominations.

• Henny Penny — This is the name of an American company that manufactures commercial-grade food equipment.

• Lady Bird — This name was inspired by the American coming-of-age comedy film produced by Greta Gerwig in 2017. It featured a teenage girl known as Christine Lady Bird McPherson who face many ups and downs in her relationships.

• Sweetie — This is an epithet used to refer to someone you love so much.

• Tootsie — This name comes from a popular American romantic comedy produced by Sydney Pollack.

• Miss Pompom — This is the name of a London-based company that manufactures designer clothes and accessories for women.

#3. Unique Chicken Names

Unique Chicken Names

• Shelldon — This is the name of an American animated kids’ television show produced by Dr. Jirayuth Chusanachoti.

• Bug Eater — This is the name of the animal that eats insects.

• Crispy — This refers to something (especially food) that has a firm, dry, and hard surface.

• Poop Maker — This name is supposed to liken your chicken to the chocolate poop maker–a reusable chocolate dispenser.

• Bathsheba — This is the name of the wife of King Uriah of the Bible. She was the mother of King Solomon.

• Toe Jam — This name refers to the dirt caught between a person’s toes when they wear shoes or socks.

• Pollo — This is another name for chicken.

• Lady Gaga — This is the name of a popular American female artist, songwriter, and actress.

• Loco — In American slang, Loco means someone or something nutty or odd.

• Penny — This name refers to a coin worth 1/100th of a dollar. It can also refer to the smallest amount of money.

#4. Famous Chicken Names

• Snowball — This name refers to a ball of crammed snow, especially one that is meant for throwing at people for fun.

• Frank-hen-stein — This name comes from the name Frankenstein–a novel written by the famous English author Mary Shelley. It talks about a character by the name of Victor Frankenstein.

• Penguin — This refers to a group of flightless birds found in the sea. They are commonly found in the Southern Hemisphere.

• Florence — This is a female English given name. It comes from the French version of Saint Florentia, who was a Roman martyr.

• Cupcake — This refers to a type of cake baked on a small thin paper. Cupcakes are meant to be served to one person.

• Princess Lay-a — This name is derived from the Star Wars character Princess Leia Organa, who was fearless and one of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance.

How to Choose the Right Chicken Names

How to Choose the Right Chicken Names

One of the many considerations you have to make when rearing chicken is the right names for your flock. Since chickens are delightful creatures that supply you with eggs and meat, you need to choose names that match your chicken’s personality.

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when choosing the right chicken names for your flock.

• Place of Origin

If you want a reminder of your flock’s place of origin, you should incorporate it in their names. For instance, if a chicken’s breed originated in Italy, you can call it Baci, Azzura, or Franchesca.

The most important thing is to choose fancy names that are associated with the breed’s place of origin while ensuring that the names suit your chickens’ personalities.

• Word Association

What do you hope to remember when you mention the name of your chicken? You can use your chicken names to remind you of the good things and times you have had before.

They can also remind you of important moments and people that you never want to forget. For instance, you can name your chickens after your friends, relatives, celebrities, or locations that you want to remember for the rest of your life.

• Appearance

If you are struggling to find the right name for your chicken, consider creating a name that is based on its appearance. For example, if your Blue Silkie rooster looks like the furry Russian hats, you can name him Romanoff.

Just take a closer look at your chickens and think of fancy names that perfectly describe their appearances. However, you should wait until your chickens are fully feathered to name them.

• Behaviors

If you have a hot-tempered hen or rooster, you can name it Feisty. And if your chicken is always trying to escape the coop, you can call it Flight Risk or any other name that perfectly describes its behavior. Since chickens have peculiar personalities, it should be very easy for you to find names that match the traits of your birds.

• Interests

If you can’t find chicken names that interest you, you can just consider your interests and hobbies. For instance, you can name your chickens after your favorite board games, soccer teams, holiday destinations, favorite foods, wine, superheroes, etc. just make sure the names you come up with match your interests.

In Summary

Now that you have an idea of how to name your flock, make sure the chicken names you choose perfectly describe the individual personalities of your backyard chickens.