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Top 10 Best CBD Bath Bombs

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Nothing is more delightful than soaking away a rough day in the bathtub. A regular bath is great,  but some days you need a little extra. Enter the CBD bath bomb! These little globes dissolve into warm water with a fun fizz, and fill your tub with the skin soothing and body relaxing benefits of CBD. 

But as with any CBD product, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best. In this article, we’ve researched the most transparent brands with the cleanest ingredients to ensure that your bathtime is just as calming and spa-like as you deserve. Here are the top ten picks, starting with our favorite. 

1. Joy Organics CBD Bath Bomb

$19.99 for a 4 pack, 20% offered for subscription

Joy Organics is a company that makes transparency a priority. Rigorous third party lab testing ensures that their bath bombs contain 25 mg each of broad-spectrum CBD for your relaxing needs. They are also cruelty free, organic, and contain no additives, toxins, or artificial coloring.  These bath bombs come four to a pack, so that you can enjoy a CBD soak as a weekly ritual. 

The lavender scent (lent by pure lavender essential oil)  transforms your bathroom into a spa, and if you want to make this a regular thing Joy Organics offers a discounted subscription plan. You can autoship every 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks for 20% off. 

Finally, Joy Organics CBD bath bombs rated a 4.8 out of 5 with 30 reviews. Customers love the scent, and runners and other athletes enjoy the soothing effect on sore muscles. Joy Organics is so certain you’ll love their product that they offer a generous return policy if you aren’t entirely satisfied. 

2. Kush Queen Alice + Olivia CBD Bath Bomb

$20 per bath bomb, 20% discount offered for subscription

This bath bomb is quite a bit more expensive, at $20 per bomb. However, it contains 200 mg of quality-sourced broad spectrum CBD. This one is good for a splurge or gift. It has a delicate scent of lavender, vetiver, and sandalwood–all from pure essential oils. Each is handmade in California and is free from dyes, chemicals, and artificial fragrances. 

3. HempWorx CBD Bath Bombs

$61.50 for 6 pack of assorted scents

HempWorx CBD bath bombs make a lovely gift for yourself or a friend. They come six to a pack, in a variety of essential oil-based scents like Violet Dreams, Serene Soak, and Ocean Breeze. Each bath bomb is infused with 30 mg of high-quality CBD for a truly calming experience. 

4. Just CBD Bath Bomb

$7.99 per bath bomb

For those who are THC averse, these bath bombs are made with CBD isolate, which ensures that there are no trace amounts of THC in the product. With 150 mg of CBD isolate, these are powerful, though no entourage effect can be expected. Just CBD bath bombs also boast epsom salt and witch hazel which offer muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory support. Available in 5 all-natural scents. 

5. CBD American Shaman Bath Bombs

$14.99 per bath bomb

American Shaman bath bombs are made with premium broad-spectrum CBD, epsom salt, witch hazel, and essential oils. They offer three varieties: Oatmeal (scentless but skin-soothing), Tea Tree/Mint, and Lavender/Lilac. A company with a conscience, American Shaman is committed to accessibility to all. Those in low-income circumstances, veterans, and the disabled can apply to their supply program so no one goes without. 

6. cbdMD Bath Bombs

$9.99 for individual bath bomb, $44.99 multi-pack

Each CBD bath bomb has 100 mg of quality, broad spectrum CBD and is available in a variety of essential oil-based scents. Lavender is perfect for relaxation, the brand blend is dreamy and spa-like, frankincense is calming, and eucalyptus is effective for clearing out the sinuses if you’re battling a cold or flu. These bombs can be purchased individually and they’re also available in an assorted 4 pack so you can try each one. 

7. PureKana Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bomb

$11.99 per bath bomb

These PureKana bath bombs offer 100 mg of broad spectrum, CO2 extracted CBD, along with detoxifying activated charcoal. Soothe your skin while you relax the stiffness and soreness out of your muscles. These bath bombs are made in the US and free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. They also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

8. Diamond CBD Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb

$19.99 per bath bomb 

Another CBD isolate choice, these bath bombs include 100 mg of high quality organic CBD. They also offer a beautiful floral scent that will help relax you almost as much as the CBD itself. Epsom salt helps to support the CBD in muscle relaxation, while grapeseed oil smooths the skin. 

9. CBDfx CBD Bath Bomb

$9.99 per bath bomb

These bath bombs offer 200 mg of pure CBD isolate to relax the body and mind. They offer two varieties: Soothing has lavender oil and Hawaiian black salt for calming and detoxifying effects, while Recharge uses spearmint and eucalyptus oils to support the CBD in easing joint and muscle pain. 

10. CBD Living Zenful Amber Bergamot Bath Bomb

$14.00 per bath bomb, 10% discount offered for subscription

These bath bombs offer a blissful and rich citrus scent with warm hints of cinnamon. Great for a winter soak, they also offer 100 mg of CBD. Their proprietary nano skin retention technology supports greater penetration of nutrients into the dermal layer, for longer-lasting effects. Their hemp is sourced from California and Colorado, and all their bath bombs are vegan, non-GMO and THC free. 

Stop Reading and Get Soaking

We hope that this review of the top CBD bath bombs has helped give a jumping-off point for your journey to the perfect bath. With any of these options, make sure that you’re careful getting out of the bath afterward–they all have oils that can make the tub surface slick. With that in mind, go forth and enjoy the relaxation and soothing pleasure of a CBD bath.