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gaslighting in relationships

7 Stages Of Gaslighting In Relationships: The Disturbing Truth

Every time we meet somebody and decide we like them, it’s only natural to begin picturing a future with them. A lot of us dote on the concept of an “ideal partner”. Whether an...
why does my husband get angry over small things

Why Does My Husband Get Angry Over Small Things? Odd Behavior Explained

All couples argue. It would be unhealthy not to. If a couple agrees on every little thing in their lives, then one of them is definitely lying to the other (and the rest of...
rainy day date ideas

38 Awesome Rainy Day Date Ideas: Not Your Usual Stay-In Date

Rain can put a damper on anyone’s day. Even more so if you have something special planned. If there’s one thing that’s embedded in my brain, it’s that if I have a date planned, I...
emotional stages of divorce

The 5 Emotional Stages of Divorce You’re Bound to Go Through

Going through a divorce is much like going through a tornado. First, we’re in the eye of the storm. Everything around us is pure chaos. We want to run, but we can’t move. Then,...
sugar momma

Looking for a Sugar Momma? Here’s Where You Can Find Her

For centuries now, some young women have done a practice of financially benefiting from relationships with older gentlemen. So why shouldn’t guys have a slice of that pie? And why shouldn’t women want to...
signs she loves you but is scared

10 Signs She Loves You But Is Scared to Admit It

As it happens, a girl professing her love for a guy her own volition is extremely rare. Our society often expects a guy to proclaim his love for a girl and ask her if...

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