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right mental health

Want To Ensure The Right Mental Health: Things You Must Do

So far as overall health is concerned, mental health is surely integral to it. If you wish to keep your health fit and fine for long, neglecting mental health would be a disastrous mistake....
is hypnosis real

Is Hypnosis Real? 6 Things You Should Know

Just a mention of hypnosis can bring about naysayers. Tales of those under hypnosis who do inhuman tasks or change their personalities are hard to believe. And many of those stories are exactly that:...
i have no interest in anything

I Have No Interest in Anything Has a Name: Anhedonia

I used to have hobbies. They filled my time so much that I barely had any to twirl my thumbs. But now, none of what used to excite and interest me can tickle my...
how to let go of resentment

How to Let Go of Resentment That No One Told You About

Resentment has been a fairly regular companion throughout my life. However, I am starting to think I could really use a better travel buddy. That’s why I did quite a bit of research on how...
highly sensitive person

What It Means to Be a Highly Sensitive Person

We all have moments (or even days) when we’re super sensitive. Anything anyone tells us, be it directed at us personally or about someone or something else, gets to us on a whole different...

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