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i have no interest in anything

I Have No Interest in Anything Has a Name: Anhedonia

I used to have hobbies. They filled my time so much that I barely had any to twirl my thumbs. But now, none of what used to excite and interest me can tickle my...
mcdonalds lunch hours

Fast Food Love: McDonald’s Lunch Hours in a Nutshell

You may say that the McDonald’s breakfast menu is a dream come true when you don’t have time to eat at home before work. Still, when lunch finally rolls around, you really don’t want...
benefits of yoga

15 Benefits of Yoga That Will Make You Start Practicing It Now

If you’re considering taking up yoga, today you’ll find out everything you need to know about the benefits of yoga and why it’s a fantastic way to improve the quality of your life. You’ll...
supplements for hormonal imbalance

11 Amazing Supplements for Hormonal Imbalance

Occasional, acute, or even chronic hormonal imbalance is much more common than most people think. Men and women alike often struggle with symptoms of hormone fluctuations at some point in their lives. Due to the...
delsym vs robitussin

Delsym vs Robitussin: Looking for the Best Cough Medicine

In the season of flu and colds, I am frequently asked for advice as to what type of medicine one should use to alleviate their symptoms. There are numerous options on the market, but...
how to break a fast

Learn How to Break a Fast Properly: You’re Not Supposed to Starve

Our bodies can go through some pretty dramatic changes during a fast. After all, eating is something we all do. It’s something that our bodies have grown accustomed to. When we decide to stop eating...
how to let go of resentment

How to Let Go of Resentment That No One Told You About

Resentment has been a fairly regular companion throughout my life. However, I am starting to think I could really use a better travel buddy. That’s why I did quite a bit of research on how...
highly sensitive person

What It Means to Be a Highly Sensitive Person

We all have moments (or even days) when we’re super sensitive. Anything anyone tells us, be it directed at us personally or about someone or something else, gets to us on a whole different...
food for a sensitive stomach

Amazing Food for a Sensitive Stomach That Is Easy to Digest

Those of us who have a sensitive stomach don’t really need anyone to diagnose it for us. Oh, we’re well aware of the cramps, weird-looking and downright painful bowel movements, and occasional nausea. Luckily,...

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