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Are You a Cat Parent? Here Is a List of Things That Might Come in Handy.

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Are you a cat parent? Or are you bringing your first kitty home? Whatever the case, having a cat around is like having a friend and a child who needs constant caring and love. It is a challenging job, and to be the best cat parent ever, you need the best supplies. Cats are similar to small kids.

If they don’t get the correct things, it spoils their mood. Thus, making them cranky. So, ensuring you have the essential supplies like cat toys, litter box, food, and so on handy is always a good idea. It will make living and playing with your furry friends so easy.

Here is a list of cat-related items every cat parent should have. Store them if necessary.

Crate or carrier

The first of the cat supplies every cat parent or to-be cat parent should have is a crate or carrier. If you are adopting a new cat, it will help you take him home safely. If you already have cat/s, it is necessary to have them as it makes traveling with them easier.

When buying the crate, ensure it is sturdy and safe. It should have a planet of space, easy access, and ventilation. If the brand you like provides a removable mesh door, it’s best. It also allows the carrier to work as a sleeping place for the cat, which is best.

A three-story cat tree

Cats love to spring up high on trees and watch everything. As they cannot climb onto a real tree inside your home, get them a three-story cat tree. Place it near the window, and the cats can climb on it and enjoy the view. Buy from a brand that doesn’t need anchoring and is sturdy. It is a good investment when cats are home alone. They can enjoy the outside world without making a mess at home.

Have a good veterinarian and sitter for your cat

The list of things to have handy for a cat parent involves the number of a good veterinarian and a cat sitter. It should be your number one priority when you get a cat. A good veterinarian who lives nearby can make your life so easy. Finding good doctors for cats is challenging, especially ones who are nearby. Thus, research and try a few veterinarians out before choosing one.

Another thing is to have the number of a good cat sitter. You will need a sitter if you travel for work or pleasure without your cat. It is best to try them out by leaving the cat with them for a few hours. That will give you a good idea of whether your cat likes them.

Water and food bowls

Do have enough water and food bowls for the cat. If you have a kitten, buy shallow bowls. They are easier for them to drink from. Keep them clean and always put out food and water before leaving for work.


Every cat is different! They might all love eating a few things. However, most cats’ diets differ. Kittens, for example, cannot eat the same food as adult cats. So, keep that in mind when buying food for your cat.

Also, if you adopted the cat from a shelter or other owner, know what they were feeding it. Follow the same diet until the cat becomes familiar to you. Then you can experiment with the food. Also, the diet will depend on any health issues they have. Be in the know before you start their diet.

A rabies certificate

After getting your cat vaccinated for rabies, ensure you get a document. Pets wear a tag after the vaccine, but having a certificate or waiver with you is good. Every pet owner should have documents related to their pets handy.

Litter box

Having a litter box for your cat is essential. You can find a self-cleaning one or go with the plain one. What you buy & keep will depend on your cat and how well they use it.

To conclude, these items are necessary for a cat parent. If you are still debating whether you should adopt a cat or not, ask yourself. Do you love how cats purr or comfort you? If yes, it’s time to adopt one.