career options in medical field

5 Career Options In Medical Field

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In any nation, healthcare is one of the most important sectors for its development. Healthcare in Australis is a rapidly-growing sector, with 13% of the country’s population being a part of it. If you’re in the medical field too, there are so many amazing opportunities for you out there.

Serving people, working for the betterment of their health, and discovering new and exciting things- doesn’t it seem perfect? If you’re an MBBS student or you wish to work in medicine later, here are five very exciting career opportunities for you.

1. Practice manager

Have a knack for managing and leadership? Then a medical practice manager position might be perfect for you. As the name suggests, you will be the leader who will be assigned a lot of responsibilities. Areas like recruitment, training, marketing, and compliance will all be a part of your work.

Due to constant interaction with other people, your work will be very enjoyable and interesting. You’ll coordinate daily practice businesses according to their type and size. Being a practice manager is a very fulfilling job since you get to give patients the best care available and create a strong team.

If you feel you can have a positive impact on society, try looking out for practice management in medicine today.

2. Nurse

Being an allied health worker can sometimes be very hectic and demanding, but is a very rewarding role. Nursing can have various options open in front of them, including nurse manager, nurse researcher, a registered nurse for aged people, children, or community health, and so many others.

The best part about being a nurse is that your job will be flexible but very interesting- no two days will be the same. You will be able to learn something new every day by assessing your patients and providing them with care and support.

This is also a career that is very much in demand. So if you really feel like working for people, opt for nursing and look into more details of how you can make this a reality.

3. Medical receptionist

If you love making appointments and keeping lists and schedules, a career in medical reception might be great for you.

Right from the moment you get up and go to work in the morning, you will be tasked with keeping a record of patients, their ailments, and their appointment timings. Some other tasks involved are answering urgent phone calls, responding to emails, keeping all your records updated.

There are various courses designed to help you work fast and smart in medical reception. These courses will teach you about different medical terminologies, processing forms, and so much more. You don’t even need to have a medical background for this in many cases!

4. Optometrist

If you’re fascinated with how the human eye works, you can go for optometry. An optometrist deals with different vision problems and their solutions. The most notable job here is to perform eye examinations and prescribe spectacles to those who need them.

Other vision therapies like giving eye drops or referring to an eye specialist may also be a part of optometry. Since the human eye is extremely sensitive, you will need to be very careful and precise in your work.

Attention to detail and extreme concentration are key requirements here. If you wish, you may also be involved in sales-related optometry. In order to have a career here, a degree in optometry is required.

5. Speech pathologist

Speech pathology refers to understanding and treating speech problems. If you are compassionate and perceptive, this can be a good field for you. You will have to diagnose speech or swallowing problems and provide a way for effective communication to your patients.

Social communication, voice, fluency, and language are important aspects here. In order to be a speech pathologist, you’ll require an undergraduate or master’s degree in this field.

One specialty field here is pediatric speech pathology, which deals with problems in young children. Other specialty fields include swallowing specialist and fluency specialist.

Over to you…

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