can you make copies at walmart

Can You Make Copies And Print Documents At Walmart?

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The retail giant Walmart is known to sell everything from groceries to clothing and even sporting goods. It also offers various facilities to customers in its stores but unfortunately, copying and printing are not among the services that are offered.

If you are looking for traditional printing and copying services for documents including CVs, flyers, brochures, essays, or presentations, you will have to look elsewhere.

Photo Printing and Customization

Many Walmart stores however undertake photo projects which include printing and customizing photos. You will find that some locations offer photograph cards and one-hour identification prints.

The retail chain has gained a reputation for providing products and services at lower costs compared to the competition and their photo printing service isn’t an exception. When it comes to photo printing, its in-store printing service is priced the lowest.


The retail provides three choices; site-to-store and home delivery, which cost 9 cents (4×6 inch); and the 1-hour option, which costs 25 cents per 4×6. The process only takes an hour and you can start filling your album.

While you cannot make copies at Walmart, you thankfully have other options.

Where Can You Make Copies and Print Documents?

There are numerous places where you can obtain copies and print documents, including grocery stores, office supply stores, local libraries as well as print shops. Be prepared to spend more on color copies, which could cost up to $0.5 or more per page while black-and-white copies tend to be more affordable-typically costing $0.1 per page.

Special rates might apply for bigger print jobs or last-minute orders. Here’s a list of places where you can obtain printing or copying services.

Office Stores


The store provides copying services online with curbside pickup or ground shipping at these rates:

• Black-and-white: The charges start at $0.13 per page although pricing differs by the quantity.

• Color printing: The price starts at $0.42 per page for orders ranging between 1 and 50 copies. You will incur varying costs for other quantities.

The store offers other services including cutting, binding, online printing and copying, hole punch, and folding.

Office Depot

The business offers copying services online with curbside pickup at the following rates:

• Black-and-white printing: This service costs about $0.11 per page for small volumes. However, costs might differ for bigger quantities.

• Color printing: The service costs about $0.59 per page for small volumes. However, costs might vary for bigger quantities.

The business offers other services including folding, perforation, cutting, and the production of promotional products.


The business provides copying services online with international and domestic shipping options at these rates:

• Black-and-white: This service costs about $0.21 per page for small volumes. However, costs might differ for larger quantities

• Color printing: They charge about $0.69 per page for a small volume. However, costs might differ for bigger quantities.

The business offers other services including online printing and copying, mobile printing and copying, as well as the production of promotional products, for instance, signs and banners.

Grocery Stores


• Black-and-white: The prices start at $0.035 per page and the minimum order is 1000 pages. You’ll incur different costs for other quantities.

• Color Printing: The charges start at $0.29 per page and the minimum order is 50 pages. You will incur different charges for other quantities.

The business provides other services including bookmaking and collation, cutting and laminating, padding and numbering, folding, binding, and hole punching as well as the production of promotional products.

Convenience Stores


• Black-and-white: The pricing starts at $ 0.19 per single-sided page while a double-sided page costs $0.38.

• Color printing: You’ll spend $0.99 per single-sided page while a double-sided page will cost you $1.98.

Many convenience stores also offer other services including photo centers and document scanning.

Local Places

You may not be able to make copies at Walmart, but there are a lot of alternatives to choose from.

Besides major businesses, you can also consider local options for copying and printing services. Such places can be especially useful if you have a small print requirement They include:

Public Libraries

Numerous local libraries provide copying services although costs will differ. You simply need to find the nearest library through online research. Alternatively, you could visit the American public library database.

Print Shops

You can support local businesses by obtaining copies from your local print shops. If you do not have one close to where you are, you can locate them online and obtain a quote for the print job. Although services and prices will differ, most local print shops are comfortable handling both large and small orders.

Universities and Colleges

If you reside near a university or college, they will probably have copy machines in the student union or library. You might need to apply for a card to use the facility if you aren’t an employee or student. A copy center might also exist on campus to offer services such as binding. Typically, you’ll find competitive pricing at a student-run copy center.

Courthouse or City Hall

It might be possible to locate a coin-operated machine inside a courthouse building or City Hall. Previously, some federal buildings made copy machines accessible for public use. However, most are in the process of eliminating old machines since they are not used all often.


Most major airports have business centers with copy machines. However, you might need to be a member of an airline club. However, the public can access some of them.

Making Online Copies

If you can spare time to establish the shipping costs, you can order online copies. You’ll find each website has particular details regarding the timing and price of accessible shipping options. When placing an order, ensure you establish the expected date of arrival. You will find that most places have rush or next-day delivery accessible for an extra fee. Businesses that offer these services include:

• Black-and-white printing will cost you $ 0.025 per page without minimum order.

• Color printing starts at $0.09 per page without minimum order.

• Shipping cost-the charges for smaller orders differ while those that surpass $125 are free.

They provide other services including collating, stapling, folding, as well as the production of promotional products such as posters, booklets, banners, and fliers.

• Color printing starts at $0.10 per page with a minimum order of 100 pages. You’ll find varying prices for other quantities.

• Black-and-white printing-The charges start at $0.04 per page with a minimum order of 100 copies but pricing differs for other quantities.

They also offer other services including stapling, binding, folding, collating, and producing promotional products such as banners and posters.

Things to Consider Before Making Copies

Before deciding where to obtain copies, consider the following:

• You might need to spend more on a rush task. Some places can do a fast turnaround in the ordinary course of a day. However, you might incur more charges for faster service.

• Usually, the more copies needed, the lower the cost per page. If you can print a bulk task at once, you stand to save money.

• You must have a digital file or a clear hard copy upon your arrival at the printing place. It’s worth noting that you’ll have a reduced quality when copying an analog document. The quality will reduce further if you’re making a copy of a copy. Whenever possible, try copying from a digital or original document if possible.

You’ll find that while most machines can lighten your new copy, it can do only so much. The higher the quality of the original, the better the quality of the copy will be.

Some of the Most Popular Services Offered by Walmart

Touted as the biggest retailer worldwide, Walmart runs 4,300 facilities and stores in the U.S. alone. It might surprise you to know that Walmart isn’t merely a retail store that offers discounts. The retail giant also provides a wide range of value-added services at low costs. The next time you are out on errands, you might want to stop by Walmart as well. Here’s a list of services you might not know they provide:

Photo Services

Walmart provides photo services both online as well as in-store. You can drop off your films for development through a store kiosk. Alternatively, you could upload your photos digitally through the company website. You could pick your photos from the store or have them delivered to a designated address. Their photo lab gives you the choice to develop prints in one hour.

Financial Services

Walmart provides numerous financial services, including:

• Debit cards
• Bill payments
Check cashing
Money transfers
• Credit cards

The store offers a credit card that does not have an annual charge. You can also obtain a debit card online or in-store. The retail provides money transfers through Moneygram, with charges starting at $4.75. You can also buy gift cards and money orders, order cash and printed checks starting at $3, and send bill payments.

When it comes to checks, Walmart cashes a wide range of checks. This includes payroll, taxes, insurance settlements, etc. Its fees are also lower than what is offered in most grocery stores and their check cashing services are available in most states.


In 2006, the retail started providing customer prescriptions for merely $4. The practice was considerable, with numerous retailers adopting the same trend. The retail approximates savings amounting to $3 billion since the inception of the program.

Walmart also provides monthly prescriptions for in-store pickup or mail order options for long-term prescriptions. The savings are mostly due to Walmart’s catalog of more than 300 generic drugs accessible for $10 for a 90-day supply or $4 in-store.

Wireless Service

Walmart also partnered with T-mobile to provide wireless phone service. Customers can access the family plan for unrestricted voice calls and text through the Family Talk service. The service does not need the conventional annual contract and plans begin at $45.

Flu Shot & Immunizations

Flu shots are currently accessible at the 4,700 + pharmacies with new attributes along with safety precautions. Walmart is helping associates and customers live healthier by making it easy to get vaccinated against the flu.

The retailer also announced plans to launch a digital scheduler this year for customers to schedule their flu shot appointments at any of its pharmacies for an efficient and quick visit. Moreover, the retailer will host in-store events while following COVID -19 precautions.

The retail giant is also ensuring its associates can access flu shots without incurring out-of-pocket expenses irrespective of their insurance status. This way, their workforce can remain healthy and continue serving communities during the flu season.

Walmart has also recently introduced various initiatives that allow both associates and customers to obtain safe vaccination while implementing COVID-19 protocols.

It is dedicated to helping ensure that families have affordable resources to remain healthy during the flu season. Besides flu shots, they offer low prices on immunity-boosting foods such as bell peppers and citrus fruits as well as over-the-counter prescriptions.

Home Services

Whether you want to assemble or install your grill, mount your TV, or replace pulls and knobs in your kitchen, the retail giant has you covered. You simply need to book the affordable, fixed services and Walmart makes sure that certified professionals accomplish the task.

You will need to add the preferred service and check out normally. Once you’ve made a purchase, their partner will reach out to schedule the purchased service at a time you deem most convenient. I am sure you will be happy to know that all services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To accomplish this seamlessly, Walmart has partnered with principal service providers to offer convenient at-home assembly and installation services. With the necessary licensing and real-time monitoring, you can relax knowing that you are getting professionals to meet your needs.

Furniture Assembly

The retailer has partnered with Porch to offer the convenience of assembly and installation services that you can purchase as a standalone service or with any pertinent products to help you accomplish a project. With background monitoring, necessary licensing, and a one-strike policy, you can be confident that you will get the best service possible.

You just need to add any service to your cart either as a standalone service or a bundled product and check out normally. After the purchase, a professional will reach out to obtain more details regarding the project and schedule the service at a convenient time.

Tech Set-up

The retail giant has collaborated with HelloTech to offer setup and installation services conveniently. You just need to add the services to a cart as a bundled or standalone product. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you will obtain an email with a link for scheduling the service at a convenient time.

With expert installation, you will gain from vetted and background-checked professionals together with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. HelloTech offers a 100% service guarantee of 30 days. If you have any issues with the services performed, you simply need to reach out to them.

Vision Centers

If you require a new pair of glasses, Walmart’s vision centers provide eye exams, contact lenses, and inexpensive prescription glasses. The retail is dedicated to offering customers top brands at affordable costs and that too at the customer’s convenience. There’s no need for an extra trip when you can pick out a new pair of glasses, have an eye examination, or purchase contacts while you’re shopping at one of their stores.

The retail offers free shipping and in-store pickup on eligible purchases. Moreover, the vision center stocks the latest styles and best brands when it comes to eyewear.

Whether you shop online or in-store, you will find a style that suits you and allows you to express your personality.


Although Walmart has gained a reputation worldwide for offering retail products at a low price, the retail giant also offers numerous value-added services, ranging from pharmacy to home services. You cannot make copies at Walmart, but you can probably do everything else.