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Why Buy The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Watch

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Maurice Lacroix is a reputable Swiss watch brand headquartered in Zurich. It was founded in 1975, and since then it has established a renowned identity in the watch industry. The timepieces blend modern precision measures with avant-garde style and top-notch materials into the Swiss watchmaking traditions.

One of the well-known collections from this brand is the Aikon. The automatic and quartz watches from this lineup were inspired by the company’s 1990s-era Calypso timepieces that went out of production in the 2000s. This sporty yet elegant series is home to three-hand watches and chronographs. With the Maurice Lacroix Aikon collection, you get a top-quality timepiece with a highly recognizable design and value for money.

Read on to know the reasons why you should buy the Maurice Lacroix Aikon watch: 

1. Concrete Dial

Three dial variations are available for the Aikon watch—white, black, and blue. The grid-like dial texture of this watch stands out the most because it has a slight sheen on it. You can also see hands that are rhodium plated, giving out the shine on the watch, while the markers feature a high polish. Most dial elements share the same shape profile: thin and long.

The overall quality of the dial is very solid, and the lines on the grid are neat and well done. Moreover, the hands have a delicate and slight taper that brings a sense of refinement. 

2. Satisfactory Movement

The ML115 caliber automatic movement powers the Aikon watch, which is a Maurice Lacroix branded base Sellita SW200. It has the standard designs, such as Geneve stripes on the rotor, 26 jewels, and perlage on the bridge plates. The rotor is branded with the company’s logo and name.

More so, the Aikon has a 38-hour power reserve. In terms of performance, the movement is adequate. This simple three-hander with a date movement is worth it.

3. Impressive Case

One of the key reasons you need to buy the Maurice Lacroix Aikon watch is because of its case. The brand owns the case-making factory, which crafts for their products and other companies. It means the company produces the case and integrates the bracelet in-house.

You will be impressed with the all-stainless steel case of the Aikon as seen on its generous amounts of satin-brushing mixed with subtle polished elements, like on the sides and tabs of the fixed bezel. The case feels like an organic extension of the bracelet, which gives it a strong presence. Additionally, the case brings a classic rounded-timepiece profile, and you get a better sense of how it plays with hard edges when you look at its sides.

4. Incredible Bracelet

Yet another brilliant factor that makes the Aikon worth buying is its bracelet. Each link is composed of alternating brushed patterns going across five various surfaces. The outermost edges are highly polished and beveled, making a beautiful effect when you roll your wrist. Also, the bracelet comes with a subtle taper towards the clasp, starting at 25 mm at the lugs and tapering to 20 mm. 

In addition, the clasp is a hidden butterfly type that completely hides under the links of the bracelet, creating an unending sequence of links as you wear the watch. Its overall bracelet design feels both secure and sophisticated. You can ensure that it is comfortable to wear on your wrist and locks securely. 

Where to Buy the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Watch

If you have been eyeing this brand for a while now, then this is the perfect time to get a hold of the Aikon watch. Be sure to transact with only the legit retailers to avoid getting scammed. Maurice Lacroix is a prestigious watch brand, so you are guaranteed to have a top-notch timepiece.

Also, make it a point to search for authorized physical or online stores when you decide to purchase an Aikon watch. These products are not cheap, but they are definitely worth your hard-earned money. So choose the model that perfectly suits your preferences and enjoy wearing it.


The Maurice Lacroix Aikon collection can be one of your best options when it comes to the finest and most captivating timepieces. With its extreme comfort and wearability, you are sure to get what you pay for. Its wrist presence is undoubtedly one of the most appealing factors why many watch enthusiasts love this collection. The look alone is already stunning, and you can wear it with any outfit or event you are going to attend. 

Plus, these things specified above only prove that the Aikon watch is truly worth its price tag. Maurice Lacroix has never failed to craft striking and comfortable timepieces ever since. So check out these fantastic watches today and see them for yourself. And don’t forget to head to the authorized dealers only to make your purchase.