becoming parent with surrogacy

5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Parent With Surrogacy

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Surrogacy has helped countless couples and individuals become parents. The alternative pregnancy option has also been around since the dawn of time.

If you’re considering surrogacy, it’s essential to evaluate all the pros and cons beforehand and do enough thorough research on the subject matter to know what to expect from the process.

While researching, you’ll find answers to all your pressing questions, like how much is a surrogate? Is surrogacy safe? And what your legal rights are throughout the process.

Nevertheless, we’ve listed five compelling reasons to consider surrogacy.


Infertility struggles are one of the most common reasons couples consider surrogacy. It can be highly defeating for couples to try and conceive for ages, only to realize later that infertility will prevent pregnancy from ever being a reality.

In some cases, couples facing infertility can conceive through IVF or in vitro fertilization. But unfortunately, IVF is not practical for everyone, and the treatments can cost a fortune.

Same-Sex Pairings

Beyond infertility, same-sex couples also consider surrogacy as a solution to become parents to a biological child.

Surrogacy has helped so many same-sex couples start their journey as parents, and as a result, the LGBT community strongly advocates for surrogacy.

Single Parents-To-Be

It’s not only couples who want to be parents; so many single individuals long for the blessing of parenthood yet can’t reach this goal on their own.

If adoption or IVF with the help of a donor are not suitable solutions, surrogacy is another worthwhile option to consider.


Infertility becomes a problem for everyone later in life; the biological clock is always ticking, and it’s too late for some. Unfortunately, after a certain age, women can’t bear a child, and in these cases, even IVF can’t help.

Fortunately, surrogacy is an option for older individuals and couples who want to experience the unique joys of parenthood.

Personal Reasons

Some choose surrogacy for personal reasons beyond infertility, age, sexuality, and medical history. For some, the idea of pregnancy is frightening, or perhaps it won’t be possible to accommodate a nine-month medical hurdle while juggling your corporate career. Or maybe your job might not accommodate the changes associated with pregnancy.

For example, moms who are models or athletes might feel torn between the decision to choose parenthood over their careers. At the same time, other moms might be wary of the physical exhaustion and other symptoms.

There’s really more than one way to become a parent, and if the traditional avenues aren’t plausible options for you, it’s worthwhile to look into the alternative paths available.

While surrogacy is an excellent option, you can also consider adoption, IVF, and fostering. Evaluate each alternative option and weigh out the relevant pros and cons to determine which avenue is the most suitable for you. Whether you have personal or medical reasons to consider alternative routes, it’s essential to keep in mind that biological specifics shouldn’t keep you from your dream of being a parent.

Once you have done all your research and chosen your avenue, you can start delving into types of baby formula and diapers and get excited about the wholesome journey that lays ahead.